Friday Love List

"True friends are like diamonds - bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style,"
 - Nicole Richie 

Another busy week in the books. Harrison turned six months old. Six months! If you saw my Instagram this week, you know all of the emotions I experienced with this milestone. I can't wait to see what the next six months brings (tears and all!)

Here is what I'm loving this week. I hope you all enjoy your weekend! 
  • I wish this post was written when I was pregnant. These ladies do everything with style. 
  • We got a new addition at Baby Plum this week. Mawdsley Love in the house! 

  • Decor8 went to Anthropologie and found everything you need for fall. 
  • This post is an interior designer's dream. So many sources! 

Happy Friday! 


Breakfast Television - Organizing Your Workspace

It's that time of year again: Back-to-School season is upon us. That means it's the time of year where being organized is of utmost importance. Nowhere is this more true than your child's workspace. Having a space that is well-organized, open, and doesn't clash with the rest of your house decor will leave both yourself and your kid happy campers over the next ten months. 

Thank goodness for Crate & Barrel, these guys have their stylish back-to-school game on lock. They understand the growing trend of open-space design, and they understand that "kid's space" doesn't have to mean "messy space." They gave us some great options for our segment on Breakfast Television this morning, and I'm so excited to share them with you. 

A great workspace starts with a great table (if you don't like what you're working on, you won't work on it - simple as that!) What's so great about the Hobby Table from Crate & Barrel is that the side tables actually open, so when it is not in use, it can be tucked away neatly. Having two sides that come out also ensures that each kid gets his or her own space to work. 

Everyone knows that I am all about the neutrals. That being said, I do love when I can add a splash of colour to a neutral space. Especially when that colour is this beautiful turquoise, it makes any room pop. I love these chairs, so much so that I am trying to justify where they would fit in my house! 

Storage doesn't have to be utilitarian. Sometimes it just takes a bit of creativity. We chose Crate & Barrel's "Hearth Cracker Basket," "Hearth Flatware Caddy," and "Hearth Long Basket," to store our pens/markers/glue sticks in them. They help keep all of our supplies close at hand and make for easy clean up.

This storage ottoman is another great find, I love when something can look good, but also can secretly hide all the things kids (and moms) accumulate. 


The extras make all the difference in a workspace. They take standard space and personalize it to reflect your life. I love that! For example, how perfect are these memo clips for holding index cards when studying for a big test? Another great Crate & Barrel find are the chalkboard placemats. I remember being a kid and wanting to put my name on everything! I would've been so happy to label my workspace as my own with the soapstone chalk we featured today. 

I mentioned above that I find the turquoise colour a beautiful addition to fall decorating. This morning, we put rolls of craft paper into this serpente blue basket. Craft paper can be difficult to have, it takes up a lot of space, and can get quite out of hand. But by putting them in this basket, that matches the accents of the room, it wasn't a problem! 

Make sure you check out the source list below, it includes absolutely everything we had on Breakfast Television this morning. I hope this gave you some ideas what to do with your kid's study space this year, or even your own! 

Want to know more about everything we featured? Look no further it's all listed below! Happy Shopping.


Plum is expanding! Introducing "Baby Plum"

I feel like this post has been a long time coming. Ever since having Harrison, I am constantly on the look-out for good quality baby apparel and accessories. In the process, I have little by little been putting them out in the store. Oh man, are they ever a hit! It seemed only natural to create a whole section for baby. Here are some of the lovely lines we are carrying: 

Von Bon Apparel

I mean, 100% organic cotton. Does it get any better than that? Well yes, it can when you pair it with modern designs. Hailing from Vancouver, Von Bon pairs the sensible with the stylish. Thanks to Von Bon, my little guy is the most stylish on the block! 

Mawdsley Loves

When I first heard of Mawdsley Loves, I was instantly obsessed. I love when I come across women who started their business out of finding a lack in the marketplace. Bonnie wanted something fashionable and functional for her little one, and decided to take the search into her own hands and voila! Now everyone can enjoy her cool Canadian designs. 

Lil Fox Shoppe

It really doesn't get better than these handmade blankets. Harrison takes his everywhere! I fell in love instantly, and knew I had to carry them in Baby Plum. That's the great thing about handmade items, they become instant classics. It's like they come with built in memories. No chain product can do that. And the icing on the cake - Janelle is a fellow Albertan, hailing from Calgary! 

Petit Pehr

I have raved about this line before on the blog, but every bit of praise I give is worthy. Petit Pehr makes everything that your baby could ever need: swaddles, blankets, mobiles, storage, you name it! Which makes it perfect for designing a nursery. I swear, over half of Harrison's nursery comes from here. As if Petit Pehr wasn't cute enough, their fall line is to die for! I can't until our order comes in. 


Numpfer became an instant classic in our store. People do what I like to call the "touch-and-buy." They are browsing, decide to stroke a Numpfer blanket, and then instantly bring it to the counter, boasting how they know a pregnant daughter/friend/accquataince these would be perfect for. Any excuse to be the person who buys the perfect baby gift! Organic bamboo will do that to you. 

First Prints 

I dare anyone who says they aren't into babies to pick up a pair of First Print moccasins and not be instantly converted. Alyssa hand makes these beauties, and chooses each piece of leather herself. The result are beautiful moccasins that don't fall off your baby's feet. It doesn't get much cuter than these moccs, especially when you live in a place that is cold eight months if the year! 

These fabulous designers are just the beginning! I can't wait expand and share this new chapter with you. 


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