Kate Spade Partners with West Elm - Heaven!

"Make everyday a Saturday"
- Kate Spade 

Kate Spade Saturday is basically what I aspire to be. Chic and trendy, without breaking the bank. The Kate Spade Saturday Girl is a lady who can eat out at nice places, have a beautiful home, all while looking stylish. A woman's dream, right?

So when I heard that Kate Spade was partnering with West Elm my jaw dropped in excitement. Here two of my absolute favs were coming together to create classic and fun looks I could drool over. 

And so, because it's a Monday in the middle of January, what better time to admire these fun and fashionable looks?


Chambray Diagonal Duvet Cover + Shams

Building Blocks Duvet Cover + Shams

Wall Art

Mirrored Sleep In Wall Art

I feel the need to elaborate on this... because oh my goodness it's a mirror! In serious love over here.

Painted Floral Wall Art

Home Decor


Retro Wing Chair

Anders Chair

So much pretty to get excited about! Tell us what your favourite piece is in the comment section.


Keeping your Hydrangeas Beautiful!

I love Hydrangeas! They last so long, they are fresh and remind me that summer isn't that far away. 

As much as I love them I haven't always had the best of luck with them. There are times that they wilt the day after I buy them!

Then I learned what do with them. I'm no green thumb but here is what I have learned and so far the proof is in my beautiful arrangement. 

1) Strip all the leaves off, they suck water away from the flowers

2) Cut the stems at a 45 degree angle under running water, this helps the stem absorb water easily

3) Split the stems up about 1/2 and inch. This stops the stem from getting blocked by sap

4) Last step, put the stems in boiling water for 30 seconds -this helps seal your newly cut stems

Pretty right?

Happy Friday!

Friday Love List

"I didn't get there by wishing for it or hoping for it, but by working for it" 
- Estee Lauder 

It feels like spring in Edmonton right now! I am so happy about this weather, and I have to keep reminding myself that Canada Day isn't right around the corner, because it certainly feels that way! But, you know, it's January, so I can't get too excited for summer yet.

I came across a lot of beauties this week, so let's get to them! 

  • It's because of posts like this that I am so thrilled to be working out with Jessie Mundell. 
  • So we need to talk about this Kate Spade heart purse:
Photo by Kate Spade
Photo by Modern Burlap 
  • Have you heard about the sweet deal Eco Diva Beauty is doing for our readers to get them on the cruelty free train? Spend $100 and get a complimentary Ocean Potion Bath by Pursoma. The deal ends Sunday so get on it! 

Have a magnificent weekend, lovelies! 


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