Friday Love List - Travelling with Baby Edition

We tackled our very first epic car ride en route to the Okanagan. Being 27 weeks pregnant and travelling with a rambunctious 15 month old in 35 degree heat had its challenges but I found a few tricks that made our lives so much easier.

I would like to think that next year will be easier, mind you next year we will have an 8 month old in the mix!

1 - We have a very tall 15 month old and I find that the usual play pens are too short. They are also such a pain, they are heavy and impossible to set up. We bought the Phil & Teds Traveller, priced at $199 CAD it was absolutely worth the investment. It is so compact, only 7 pounds and you can set it up or take it down in just a few frustration free minutes. 

The crib shaped bed also makes it easy for the little ones to transition

2 - I don't like Harrison to eat in his car seat (I'm too paranoid about choking) but I needed a solution for snacks on long drives and water.

I filled our squooshis with a yummy blend of fruit, oats and yogurt. You blend them coarser than a smoothie and they are ideal for the car ride. They also freeze like a dream so we were able to make a few ahead and use them as ice packs.

3 - We are easing our guy off bottles but not all sippy cups work in the car. I'm a big fan of the ones with a weighted straw. No matter what angle they drink them at they are guaranteed to get to the liquid. A word of warning these are not spill proof.

4 - Sunscreen, my son inherited my lily white skin. You know the kind that burns even in the shade? Sun safety is pretty important to me and he rarely has more than a few inches of skin showing. That said when it comes to sunscreen I have been using a natural choice and I have been thrilled. Not only is his skin still lily white he hasn't had any skin irritation. My go to choice is made in Edmonton by hand in small batches by Plantiful. 

5 - As you can imagine our SUV was pretty full, with a highchair, cot, cooler, stroller toys.... I had to limit what we brought and frustration of unloading the car as we stopped along the way. I am a huge fan of the LLbean boat tote bags. I got one XL bag for each of us and a few Large ones for the miscellaneous items. We packed one bag for our stops along the way, rather than unloading each bag every stop we just brought our one overnight bag in. These bags are indestructible and such great value - you need these!

6 - Harrison is way past swaddling age but I still turn to my pehr swaddles for just about everything. From a handy beach towel, picnic blanket or sheet.

7 - I love these wet dry bags, perfect for wet swim wear or dirty smelly clothes. On a long car ride, trust me you will have a wet mess that you need to stow away.

8 - Run - don't walk you need to have this! I cannot tell you how many times I was grateful to have this handy sanitizer on hand



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