The search for a dog friendly rug...

All the dog owners out there know what I'm talking about when I say finding a happy marriage between a good looking rug and a dog friendly rug can be challenging at the best of times. Throw in my penchant for all things white and cream and you have a challenge.

There are a few important characteristics that a dog friendly rug have:
First it must be washable!  Even the best furry friend has an off day and since a rug can often be an investment you need to be able to wash it.

Second, you should be able to vacuum it. This may sound like an odd requirement but there are many rugs that don't like to be vacuumed. Specifically Turkish rugs, the vacuum will pull the weave apart. Trust me you don't want to learn this the hard way like I did.

Third,  a pattern is always a helpful way to disguise stains.

Here are a few tried and true favourites:

This great company ships to Canada and has very reasonable prices. The cotton, washable and reversible rugs are ideal for any busy dog friendly home.

This fantastic rug is ideal for both indoors and outdoors. To clean it just grab a hose and wash it off.

I'm a big advocate of outdoor rugs. They are built to be moisture and mildew resistant so they are absolutely worth considering for the indoors. The Martha Stewart rugs are available in stock at your local Home Depot.

This great low pile wool rug can be dry cleaned and the low pile avoids hidden germs.

Pattern can hide even the worse stains so don't dismiss the power of a pattern.



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