A soggy and sobering basement

This week has been a sobering one or perhaps soggy is a better word. Usually when I'm discussing my home I'm toying with the ideas of design and decor. Instead Monday morning began with 300 litres of water in my basement. That's right you heard me, 300 LITRES! As any calm and competent designer would do, I promptly put in a SOS call to my parents begging for guidance and help. Owning a 100 year old house is a new experience to me and my husband, in fact owning a home in general is a new experience for us. I have never had my belongings float in my basement before and the task ahead of us that day was daunting. Here are a few helpful hints that helped me.

I learned a few very important things very quickly it was ironically sink or swim...

1: My Hunter boots are priceless, I can't imagine having soggy feet and a soggy basement. You need to own a pair NOW.

2: All valuables should be in rubber proof rubber bins. Part a of this rule is that you need to know what things are important to you and make sure they are in the bins. I of course did neither of these things. I'm now learning how to dry sopping wet childhood books.

3: There is such a thing is a superior wet vac. I wasn't alone when I rushed to Home Depot with bad hair and rubber boots on Monday morning. In fact there was a throng of unhappy and soggy people looking for a wet vac. Make sure you get one with a good angle on the head of the vacuum. This will make your clean up easier and faster. Don't be tempted to get a large one, because remember, when it's full of water it will be heavy.

4: Get everything that's wet out fast! Once we finally had the water out we had to tackle the task of gutting our basement. When taking walls down in a 100 year old house you feel like you are part of a treasure hunt with a bad ending guaranteed. Every wall we took down revealed a new crack or hole revealing a larger problem at hand. That said we needed to get the debris out quickly before we got mold. I bought a Bagster at homedepot, for only $39.99 CDN I got an instant bin. It holds an outstanding 3300 lbs of waste. You order pick up of your full bin online for $169.99 and only $75.00 for the second bin.

5: Don't rush or run! Though it is tempting to dash around your home and tend to the natural disaster going on in your basement, don't. I of course learned this the hard way as I slid down my stairs on my behind. This not only makes the disaster feel a whole lot worse it helps nobody. In addition when we stopped and made a plan the task ahead of us seemed a bit more manageable.

Now that my basement has been wrung out and is empty we are preparing for the terrifying task of pondering the purchase of  a new foundation. With price tags ranging from 60K - 130K I'm quaking in my Hunter's. Oh and have I mentioned my roof started leaking on Tuesday, ahh the journey of renovating our house! As the rain continues to come down and my stomach is filling with dread I'm hoping my basement is not filling with water.

{Sigh, this is my future}

Repeat with me Keep Calm and Carry On, Keep Calm and Carry On, Keep Calm and Carry On. In true British fashion I'm going to keep my chin up and remain calm. I will keep you posted!




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