Antique vs New Table - I've made my decision

With the impending arrival of my Australian in-laws and a table far too small to meet the challenge I have been looking for a new dining table. In addition my family in town continues to grow so my husband and I knew we wanted a table that could accommodate a big crowd permanently. I wanted something elegant that could match the architecture of our 1917 home but not something too dear that my future children couldn't do their homework on. It needed to sit 10 minimum, leaves were a must and it had to be solid wood so that it could weather future repairs.

I have been oscillating between buying the Ikea Stornas table. It's solid wood, sits 10 and at $500.00 it's a budget friendly option. The downside about Ikea is its similar to buying a new car the moment you drive it off the lot its value take a nose dive.


I considered a few other tables on the market:

Restoration Hardware

Crate and Barrel

Pottery Barn

They all seemed a bit ho-hum considering the price tag. The winner was.....I found this gem of a table while perusing Kijiji:

Looks at those legs!

The owners claims it dates back to 1917 when his great grandparents got married. It is an outstanding 10 1/2 feet long and has 8 leaves. This means I can happily sit 12. It comes with 12 pressed back chairs and a tall china cabinet and the asking price was $800.00, we settled on $750.00. The table has 5 substantial legs and maintains a lovely patina, I'm happy to say that pledge has not touched this table.
The great thing about buying an antique is not only will it maintain its value, as long as I do quality restoration it will increase in value. Which makes this a wise investment in my books.




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