Another Surprise

Another day, another renovation surprise! My kitchen renovation is back on track after the departure of my house guests and the surprises continue.

This is where I'm at with my kitchen renovation, I'm in the process of painting my lower cabinets black, which is a painstaking process. I have gone with a high gloss industrial quality paint. Since my cabinets are solid wood I have washed them down with TSP, sanded them and patched the holes. It's taking three coats of paint to cover the doors. Since the doors have architectural features the painting is slow going to ensure that I avoid drips. The important thing to remember is that it takes 45 days for paint to cure so I will be without kitchen doors for a while!

While the paint is drying on the cabinets we are working on completing our trim and replacing the ugly back splash. As we pried off the first few pieces of tile we made grisly discoveries. There is wallpaper behind some tile, tile glued onto wood with carpentry glue and tile glued to plaster. Oh and to to top it off the tile is behind the counter!

I have no words of wisdom to share just simply a sad photo of the state of my back splash, here's hoping the rest of the back splash holds no more surprises!

Since I shared an ugly photo here is an inspirational photo of what we are going for.




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