Creative Dining Room Lighting - It's worth looking for!

Not even a year ago I would lay awake at night and think about a pair of Brian Atwood shoes or a new LV bag and perhaps a new pillow. These days every spare thought is filled with the current construction or should I say deconstruction going on in my home.

Since this is our first home and it needs a great deal of work budget is always at the forefront of my mind. That is why I am always trying to think of creative design ideas that will have big impact with a diminished price tag. I would much rather spend the time to find well priced options so that I can splurge here and there.

The topic of today is how lighting can change a room and doesn't have to cost the world. I always start off by looking for inspiration and then I start searching for something like it within my price range. I've found big box stores to be a great source and Etsy can be excellent for something quirky. It's not always an easy search but the difference lighting makes, makes it worth the search.

(Homedepot $199.00)

(Restoration Hardware $595.00)

(Homedepot $149.99)

(West Elm $259.00)

(Homedepot $159.00)



  1. Hi! Where can I buy the white drum (the last one on your page)? Thank you!

  2. The white drum shade is from Home Depot



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