Decorating Downer - Michael Penney has the answer

With a large 100 year old home in need of some serious renovation I spend most weekends, painting, sanding, nailing and whining. Most weekends end with me feeling the true pride of home ownership. Some weekends, this last one in particular I can't help but mutter under my breath about the lack of 90 degree angles and the never ending paint jobs. When this happens I turn to Michael Penney from House & Home Magazine, his blog on www.houseandhome.com constantly inspires me and kicks my butt back to enthusiasm. So here is to Michael Penney and his never ending creative solutions and positive outlook.

PS - check out Michael's house tour of his newly renovated old house, the living room is my fav!

Here are two of my favorite posts:

Reupholstering Chairs
August 22, 2011
Michael Penney

I'm a big believer in reusing and recycling vintage furniture to give new designs soul and history. Even if your sofa, carpet, lamps and curtains are brand spanking new, you should always try to incorporate something vintage to really bring the composition to life.

Vintage chairs, sofas and ottoman are the perfect way to do this. They usually have unique shapes, beautiful scale and lines, and were made from sturdy materials to stand the test of time. If you find a solid vintage piece of furniture at a reasonable price, you can have it recovered in something fresh and interesting.

Our New House!
April 11, 2011
Michael Penney

Well the cat’s out of the bag. For those of you who saw the June teaser in the May 2011 issue of House & Home, you’ll know that my wife Sara and I are going to have our first home featured in the June issue. After enjoying two years in our charming little apartment in the city, we decided to head back east to put down some roots and make a home out of a house. Located in Oshawa, Ontario, we’re a hop, skip and a jump away from our family and life-long friends and couldn’t be happier.


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