A new obsession

Yesterday my new J.Crew Minnetonka moccasins arrived, Yippee! It's so nice when things are worth the wait and these most certainly were.
I'm prepared to admit I have more shoes than most, I'm not prepared to admit the number of shoes that populate my closet but let's just say there are many! Because of this I consider myself a bit of a shoe connoisseur, your learn something with every shoe purchase. You learn to quickly analyze: cut, quality, comfort and style. When I saw my new moccasins I knew they checked these 4 very important boxes. And as a busy working woman I'm thrilled to say the comfort rating is high meaning I would be able to wear them during a long, long work day.
I'm a firm believer that the presentation of a product is a reflection of the quality of the product. So when my new shoes arrived in a crisp Kraft paper box, carefully folded into white tissue I was pleased. The shoe form was a slender piece of pine and inside the hand crafted shoes was a note about their history. Perfection!

After careful consideration I purchased the black and chocolate brown pair, they come in a 4 delightful colours but black seemed practical considering winter is around the corner.
What colour would you chose?

I should mention that priced at $92.00 CAD including duty they are a steal!




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