Martyn Lawrence Bullard

It seems that every time I open a magazine these days Martyn Lawrence Bullard is featured in a spectacular spread. Martyn is a premiere decorator featured on the television show: Million Dollar Decorators. It's a show that I'm completely obsessed with! The show follows a group of decorators around as they design spaces with seemingly unlimited budgets and ego's to match. As Martyn would say "dahling it is simply marvelous".

(Martyn Lawrence Bullard)

Martyn has a new book coming out this month called: Live, Love & Decorate. A title that aptly describes his opinion on decorating and mine.

When I first see a room by Martyn I'm usually overcome by the colours, patterns and textures and eventually my eyes settle on the little luxurious details that make his rooms unique. Like me he likes to shop far and wide for those special hard to fine pieces. Though he often prefers the heights of luxury he still peruses the Istanbul bizarre and small antique stores for a colorful bargain.

Here are a few of his inspiring spaces:




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