Cleaning Wax off Silver Candlesticks

Holiday Wax Trouble
After a few holiday parties I'm left with candle wax in unfortunate places. Of course in the moment dripping wax looks seasonal and romantic but now... I know, I know dripless candles would have helped to avoid this problem but alas hindsight is 20/20. Now I'm stuck with beautiful sterling silver candlesticks covered in wax.

One thing I have learned is that there is no one easy answer. That said if you are in the same boat as me here are a few helpful hints:

1 - Hot water: Most Candlesticks have resin weighted bases, do NOT put them in hot water, they will melt and ruin your candlesticks. If you are careful you can run hot water over the wax to soften it but be careful to mind the base.

2 - The freezer: though many recommend freezing wax off this does have its risks. Most candlesticks are comprised of more than one metal, this means that when frozen they may expand or contract at different rates and you risk cracking or splitting the metal.

3 - What I recommend: Place the candlesticks on a newspaper, using a blow dryer heat the wax. Once softened the wax can be removed with a wooden skewer of plastic knife. Be careful never to use a metal knife as you will scratch the surface.

Good luck!





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