Dream worthy bedrooms

It's that time of year, we are all hibernating eating bon bons, watching bad movies and reading in our cozy homes. Well at least I am! For me this equation requires a comfy bed, cozy slippers and a beautiful bedroom (I'm still working on the last one).

I thought I would do a bit of research about what makes a successful bedroom, here is what I've found:

Feng Shui rules dictate that to have a "successful bedroom" you  must eliminate the TV and exercise equipment ( I agree the elliptical trainer must go, besides it's just taunting you). As well, multiple levels of lighting in conjunction with dimmer switches are meant to provide a good flow of energy and equal a healthy sleeping environment. Any sensible woman agrees dimmers and low lighting are a NECESSITY so no new news there.

The National Sleep Foundation suggests that a clean well organized room devoid of distractions is important. Again no surprises here I have always found it hard to sleep when there is a pile of clothes calling out to be folded next to the bed. Lastly the need for a dark quiet room and an excellent mattress and pillow equal a good sleep. I can't disagree with these points, in fact it sounds like a top notch sleep in a lovely hotel.

Since I am still working on many of these important points I will need to rely on my bon bons, a comfy warm bed and my slippers. I will just keep dreaming about the perfect bedroom for a while longer, here are a few that are on my dream worthy list.

Here are my cozy slippers, seriously if you do not own these run out and get them. I have them in multiples. Have I mentioned that they are cozy?



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