First day back at work for 2012...

Today was my first day back at work for 2012 and it was less than thrilling. There is no doubt that an inspiring environment and delightful office supplies help bring light to any work day. One of my many new years resolutions is to make sure that I focus on creating beautiful surroundings for myself this year. I'm almost more focused on spaces for others and often I neglect my own.

Before I start designing a space I always begin with inspiration, below are a few spaces that got my creative juices flowing.

(See Jane Work)

Any lovely desk must be accessorized with lovely supplies, what supplies you may ask. Not to worry I have a few suggestions:

Semikolon Card boxes, these stylish and compact boxes are made for any stylish desk
This beautiful ceramic feather tray is ideal for odds and sods, beautiful and function!

Kate Spade's favorite pencils! Me too!
EVERY desk needs a Moleskin journal, or two. These iconic journal are handy and stylish.
If you are hi-tech Moleskin has has an iPad case with a handy journal inside to jot down any inspiring ideas.
I'm always in need of lovely sticky notes and these towers of notes by Suzy Jack are hard to resist.


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