Lovely Ballet Flats!

Party season is over and boy am I glad to get back into my comfortable flats. Now not just any ordinary flats will do, a girl needs lovely shoes. Flat shoes don't need to be boring in fact they need to be exquisite. Being a bit of a shoe veteran I know that there are a few important key points to look for when choosing the perfect pair (or a few pairs) of flats.

1 - Leather soles are a must! First they epitomize quality and superior craftsmanship. Plus they soften with age.
2 - They need to have a bit of pizazz, whether it be pattern, colour or a buckle your shoes deserve to be accessorized.
3 - Make sure they fit, leather stretches with use and personally I cannot stand sloppy shoes. Make sure you buy your shoes snug. They should not pinch but your heels should not slip.

J.Crew has updated their classic flats with softer soles and padded insoles. At $146 CAD they are a steal.

Repetto, known for making ballet shoes for over a century they recently began making ballet flats. Their shoes are made just like their ballet slippers and offer unsurpassed comfort and elegance. I will warn you they cost a pretty penny, about $250 CAD but if you can wait, save up and next time you are in Europe you can snatch them up for 150 Euro. The black are of course classic but the nude patent ones are on my wish list.

Bloch makes a similar and comparable line of ballet flats. I prefer the pointe shoe inspired style that have a square end similar to a pointe shoe. The nice thing about Bloch is they are at a budget friendly price point of $120 CAD. 

Tory Burch flats have become an iconic part of any fashionista's wardrobe. The classic T buckle denotes what brand you are wearing but they bring a jewellery element to your shoes. Who doesn't love a gold accent? Not inexpensive they start at $195 CAD

When I think classic, Kate Spade always comes to mind. This Spring these adorable jelly flats will make your friends green with envy. Did I mention they are only $95!




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