A Graphic Investments Part 1 & Alanna Cavanagh

This week, while I was devouring my most recent design magazines I was pleased to see Canadian graphic artist Alanna Cavanagh featured on the pages of Style at Home. As a new homeowner I know how hard it is to find even a cent in the budget for art but seeing Alanna's work reminded my of how profound the impact art has on any space and how important it is to make space for it in even the most meager design budget.

The article inspired me to go in search of achievable art that even the smallest budget can afford. In any room the artwork you choose is an opportuninty to demonstrate who you really are, and maybe, a glimpse into who you want to become. This week I'm going to introduce a few of my favorites and show just how much bang you can get for your buck when you invest in art for your home.

The office featured in Style at Home

One of my favorite Cavanagh prints: Big Orange Scissors

Alanna is a Canadian born, Toronto based graphic artist, print maker and illustrator extrordinarire. Her style is simple colourful and oh so easy to enjoy. You may recognize her work as she has worked with epic clients such as: New York Times, Canada Post, Amex, National Post, the list goes on.There is no denying that some of Alanna's pieces are investments but they are guaranteed to pack a punch in any space. She also offers a few affordable options which I'm of course coveting, here are my favorites.

The T Strap shoe and Librarian shoe are such a nice choice for any closet. Both signed and numbered at $60 each they are hard to pass up.

The small iron is adorable! It would perk up any laudry room, signed, numbered and unframed it is a steal at $35.

I'm obsesses with the silk screen print of the Virginia Woolf classic, but alas the 4th edition is sold out. Luckily the H.G Wells Island of Dr Moreau is still available on Alanna's website. At $795 it is a bit more of an investment.



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