Graphic Investments Part 3 & Adriane Duckworth

In my third installment of "Graphic Investments" I knew I had to highlight a great painter I recently came across while I was trolling Etsy, Adriane Duckworth. I promptly invested in my very own painting, and I'm already contemplating another one! Her organic and jubilant works are captivating, and it was a pleasure to discover that the artist is just as lovely as her art.

Adriane creates her beautiful paintings at home in her newly renovated home in Hamilton, Ontario. A home she shares with her young and adorable son Benjamin, husband, a cat and a cheeky dog (her words not mine). You can follow along with Adriane as she share her hilarious tales of renovations, dog shenanigans and new works on her blog aandbstories.com. She has a great website, that features her entire collection and most of her pieces can be purchased on her new Etsy website

I hope you take the time to get to know this great artist, I can guarantee that your home will be the more interesting for it.
Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

*Aren't her children's paintings amazing?*

*I'm currently obsessed with this new one, it's captivating!*

Adriane was kind enough to indulge me and answer a few questions....

3 minutes with Adriane 
JP - Your work is abstract but clearly full of passion, what inspires you?
AD - I'm inspired by interior design, fashion, photography, architecture, textiles...I go out of my way to look for things to inspire me. I have about a million random things pulled from magazines and pinned from blogs that I want to turn into a painting one day.

JP - In three words describe your personal style?
AD - Modern, minimal, classic.

JP - If you had an unlimited budget what piece of art would you buy?
AD - Well the real answer is a painting that is not for sale (Van Gogh's 'Cafe terrace at Night)', but in leiu of that I would buy a Michelle Armas piece (probably 'Jarabez').

JP - Who is your favorite Canadian artist?
AD - These days I'm really into Marco Cibola. I have to mention here though that my current obsession is Michelle Armas, as mentioned above, although I don't think she's Canadian. But she's the best. I mean, her work is stunning.

JP - Where did you learn to paint?
AD - I'm self-taught...I have always experimented with paint and just sort of found a style that I like to use. I have studied art on my own, but I have not received any formal training (sadly). My Dad is an artist, so I grew up feeling an urge to be artistic in some way. I jut sort of tried things.

JP - What's your favorite city?
AD - Montreal. It's where my husband and I went for our Honeymoon.

JP - Favorite dessert?
AD - Ice cream! Always.

JP - Best way to spend $100?
AD - On Etsy. And you can get a LOT for $100. I'm always surprised at the amount of talent that exists on Etsy. I'm so happy to be a part of that community.

JP - The last song/album you bought?
AD - The Bon Iver album. It's SO good. Very relaxing and perfect to listen to while painting.

JP - Favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon?
AD - At the park with my husband and son, without question. Followed by movies and snacks.

JP - Favorite pair of shoes?
AD - My lovely friend Emma just bought me a pair of black Hunter boots for my birthday and I can't take them off.

JP - Favorite store?
AD - Ikea. I'm an addict.

JP - You recently bought and renovated a house, do you still have anything of your to list/wish list?
AD - About seven billion things. But if I had to pick two, they would be 1) paint every room white and 2) build a second storey. I will make those things happen if it's the last thing I do.

JP - What is the biggest mistake people make when they buy art?
AD - They don't think about scale. A piece of art should work with the whole room, including the size of furniture, the height of the ceilings, etc. You have to make sure you buy a piece that is going to balance everything out. Apart from that, I don't think there are mistakes as long as you buy what you love.

JP -What advice would you give to someone who is ready to invest in art?
AD - Buy something that you not only love, but something that you can't live without. Art is indulgent, and it should be something you adore forever.



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