A New Colour Scheme - Grey, Black, Blue and White

Spring may be a few months away (at least for those of us living in the frozen tundra) but I am already looking forward to updating the colour scheme in my living room. Fall through winter I pair warm buttery yellows, cream, grey and black. The warm tones seem to keep spirits up in the bleak winter months. Plus, yellow looks so beautiful with my gold and silver Christmas decorations. But by the time February comes around I am ready to change things up, this spring I have my sights set on a blue, grey, black and white scheme. It may be a bit premature but I have pillows en route and I am itching to accessorize my new scheme!

If you share my itch to redecorate I would recommend a mood board. It is always a good idea to make a mood board and see if the patterns and colours still appeal to you after a week or so. If they do know you can live with them. Making a mood board is as easy as signing in to photobucket and making a collage.  I have shared my mood board below along with a few inspiring rooms that share my new spring palette
*My mood board*
Changing your colour scheme is really much easier than it sounds. Consider how easy it is to update your toss pillows, to change my colour scheme each season I simply change out my pillow covers and  switch up my accessories.  This time I relied on the the Toronto based seamstress Tonic Living, they have a fantastic line of fabrics and ready made pillows that can be at your doorstep within a week. All the pillows and fabrics in my mood board above are from Tonic Living.
*Inspiring spaces*
*Ikea 2012 Catalogue*

*House & Home Magazine*

*House & Home Magazine*




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