Adult Friendly - Child Prices

I am always on the search for new and interesting things, that said I usually try and keep price in mind. I don't have any children yet but out of curiosity I recently investigated the children's section of my favorite stores. You would not believe my surprise, the little munchkins have so many on trend and chic options. The best part of my research was when I discovered that most brands offer full-sized furniture, lighting and bedding in the children's section that any adult would be happy to have. Now here is the best part... it is less expensive! I know, at first I couldn't believe my eyes but it is true. Not everything works for both children and adults but if you ignore the setting I think you will find that some pieces will work quite nicely in your home.

My favorite things to buy in the kids section: lighting (you won't believe the prices), rugs, pillows, drapery and side tables.

There is one very important caveat, when shopping online, take note of the dimensions, some brands make pint sized furniture.
Here are a few of my favorite examples:

Crate & Barrel's children's section is called Land of Nod. This great Zig Zag rug is only $199.99 for a 4 x 6. Don't tell me it wouldn't work in a grown up office.

Pottery Barn Teen is another fail safe choice this lamp is no exception at $250.00 it is a great price point if you are looking to invest in the industrial chic movement.

One of my favorite's, Restoration Hardware Kids never fails to impress the Calla side table below is solid wood with a great painted white finish. It would be perfect as an occaisonal table or side table at $250.00 the quality/price ratio is on point.

This Surveyors Lamp would be a great addition to any den or living room. Their "adult" version retails for $425.00 so at $95.00 this is a steal!

This hand carved painted wood mirror would look lovely over a vanity, dressing table, desk or fireplace. Nothing about it reads childish, it is only $149.00. How could you beat this?


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