Do you know who Huguette Clark is?

Do you know who Huguette Clark is? If not it is no surprise, Huguette Clark spent the better half of 80 years in complete seclusion. Strange considering she was one of the wealthiest women in the United States. Shortly after her divorce at the age 23 she disappeared into seclusion and little has been known about her life until her recent passing. What made Huguette so special and powerful was that she was the youngest heir of the second wealthiest man in the early half of the 1900's. Her father, Senator Clark, was a self made man who made his fortune in copper mines. One of his largest mines in Arizona is said to have made $400,000 a month, that is equivalent to $10 million a month in today's dollars.

The recent passing of Hugette Clark has thrown her life into the spotlight, a place she spent her life avoiding. Hugette passed away just a few weeks short of her 105th birthday, she had spent the past two decades living in hiding in a sparse hospital room in Beth Israel under an assumed name. Her only company, her nurse of 20 years, her accountant and lawyer. All three of whom are under scrutiny for mismanagement of funds and influence particularly since Huguette's most recent will bequeaths a large portion of her $400 million fortune to them and gives nothing to her living relatives. In fact her nurse is estimated to receive $50 million dollars in addition to the 4 homes, millions of dollars and Bentley she was gifted during Huguette's lifetime. Both Huguette's accountant and attorney are being investigated by the district attorney for gross professional misconduct and mismanagement of Ms Clark's funds.

Her will is being heatedly contested by her 19 distant relatives from her father's first marriage. If they are successful Huguette's fortune will revert to her family, and her nurse, lawyer and accountant may be forced to repay the funds they have already received. Many of her distant relatives argue that they had been cut out of Huguette's life in recent years and all requests to visit her or speak with her were denied by her caretakers. 

*The video below, gives a brief history of what we know about Huguette and her fortune*

Huguette's estate will likely be tied up in court for some time but many of her personal belongings and properties are being liquidated. Perhaps most notably her extensive and astounding jewellery collection that will be auctioned off at Christies, New York.

Huguette's life story has captured a great deal of attention in recent months, and yet we have only seen a glimpse of her story. With many books in the works and legal battles being fought we will likely learn much more about Huguette in the years to come.


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