The first bike ride of the year...and the summer to do list

Today I went on my first bike ride of the year....okay if I'm being honest its been two years.  I have a lovely bike, its a cream coloured Electra Cruiser with a cute basket on the front. My bike was in a sad state, both tires were as flat as pancakes and it was filthy. After a good wash and fully pumped tires I was ready to go.
My bike

I started off easy, I ventured down the back alley. I probably looked like a baby deer learning to walk. I wasn't balanced or coordinated, I was weaving all over the place. After a few trips down the alley I felt confident enough to venture out. It was lovely, it was like being a kid again, dorky helmet and all.  

The ride was quiet and without disruptions I had time to make a list I had been waiting to make. My summer to do list, we all have one. In Edmonton summer is over in a blink of an eye, time is precious so you have to make the most of every single sunny day.

Here is my summer list, have you started yours?

1. Build a fence
- with three dogs and no fence we REALLY need one. One of my dogs thinks hunting Robins is the best game. Chasing after her into the neighbours yards in my flannels PJ's and hunter boots is not a cute look.

2. Paint and Sand our front steps
- last year I ripped nasty carpet off the stairs but this year I need to paint sand into the stairs for some added grip.

3. Repair eaves troughs
- getting water away from your foundation is important, particularly if you have a leaky basement like mine these handy elbow joints from home depot really do the trick. 

4. Painting Projects
- there are too many to list, I have tons of trim to sand and paint. The summer days mean that I also get the chance to spray all my furniture projects. This year I think I am going to bite the bullet and buy a sprayer.

5. Demo, Drywall, Insulation and Mudding
- I know this is a long list but believe it or not I have all of it to do in our future master bedroom

6. Plan, plan and plan again
- Summer is the best time to walk around your house, inspect your home for future projects. We have an architect, plumber and roofer coming out to help us with future plans. Big projects need big budgets so start planning early.



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