Homemint, Justin Timberlake and Design?

Did you know that Justin Timberlake is part of the design industry? I sure didn't until I read this article on HGTV.ca. Justin Timberlake is behind the creation of Homemint with designer/stylist and Estee Stanley. Apparently they first met when Estee styled NSYNC on a music video, remember when they were dressed like marionettes?

Homemint is an online shopping site that requires a membership of $9.99/month. Members have access to exclusive deals and vendors. The deals and vendors shown to the member are selected after the membership application is completed. The application asks questions like: Do you shop at Crate & Barrel or Target? Do you prefer potluck or sit down formal dinners? To ascertain the taste of the shopper.

Homemint claims to take the place of interior designer by showing members what to pair with what to create a spectacular space...I'm not convinced. Sylish design is not an algorithm created by a computer. I believe a beautifully styled space is made outstanding by the creativity and personality of the designer. That said for the design challenged it might just be the easy fix, the tool to creating a beautiful room. Are you planning on signing up?


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