Kijiji Success! The desk arrived...now what?

I have a wee bit of a Kijiji obsession, I love vintage and antique furniture particularly after I have done a modern "tweak". Last week I posted about my new office and my search for the perfect desk. If you missed it I have been looking for a 1930's - 1950's school teachers desk. I love them for oh so many reason, first they are solid oak! Do you know how hard it is to find solid wood anything? Second they are finished on the back so you can float them in a room. Plus they have so much great storage, remember all those great drawers your teacher used to have? 
My desk (once I got those drawers out there weren't going back in)
Isn't this drawer great? I love the storage.
I found one on Kijiji and lucky me the sellers were able to deliver (it doesn't really fit in an Acura sedan).
There is a risk buying things online without seeing them but I felt comfortable taking the risk. A lovely couple dropped the desk off and rather quickly left. My first thought was: uh oh something is wrong with this desk. True it was a bit more worn than I had expected but it wasn't until I tried to open the drawers that I really panicked. Lucky for me my husband figured out the lock system before I wrenched the drawers out with sheer panic. Apparently school teacher desks have a locking mechanism by which the side drawers won't open unless you pull out the middle drawer. Did you know that?

Anyways here is the real dilemma, to paint or not to paint?

The desk is rough, it is in need of a sand and the stain has come off the heavily used areas. Plus I like white a lot! I love the grain of wood but the light yellow stain on this desk is not my cup of tea. I'm worried about painting it because it will be used quite heavily and there is nothing worse than chipped white paint. 

Here is my new idea! I'm thinking of sanding the stain off and smoothing the rough edges and white-washing the desk. This way the desk will read as white but the beautiful oak grain will show through. Plus chips and scratches will be less visible.

Here are a few inspirational ideas:
Nicole Hollis Design
Neiman Marcus
Restoration Hardware
West Elm

I'm considering switching out the pulls, I'm thinking of choosing a chrome bin pull like the ones below, what do you think?
Martha Stewart Bin Pull
Lee Valley Tools
Lastly I'm planning on having a glass top made for the desk, it will make it easier to keep clean and protect the surface.

Stay tuned, I will post the finished product.



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