A long weekend at the auctions!

Appropriate footwear - Hunter Boots
I kicked off the long weekend Friday morning at 8:30 somewhere outside of Edmonton in a muddy yard with more men in wranglers than I had seen in a long time. There was even ten gallon hats and a full handlebar must aches. 

The crowd at the auction
Not to worry I didn't look too out of place, I was there with my hunter boots, to-go cup and a rain coat. There is an excitement around auctions that I'm quite addicted to, a nervous energy that gets your blood pumping. This wasn't my first rodeo but as always I learned a lot and met great people.

Farm auctions are different from most auctions in a couple of ways:

1 - If there is a buyers premium it is low, this time it was 5%. CIty auctions are 15%.

2 - You will likely be bidding with professionals, this weekend I've been bidding with a great group of colleagues. If you are new to auctions it is a great opportunity to learn a lot but it's also an opportunity to get your butt kicked so be very sure before you bid. 

3 - Last and most importantly farm auctions are FAST, so fast it sounds like they are speaking in tongues. It's a great to listen for a while before you start lifting your number. You will also get a chance to figure out the auctioneers patterns, learn when to hold until he drops the numbers and learn in what increments he will go up by.

4 - One more tip, come prepared. Food is only available from the trailer on the yard if you are vegetarian or health conscious bring your own food. The toilets are always portable, you may get lucky and they may set aside one toilet for the ladies.

Lunch at an auction... 
I took a few great finds home on Friday and even more exciting things on Saturday. Here are a few of the interesting things on sale this weekend. 

This is very old general store counter, it may be rough but it would make a great outdoor counter on a back porch.
This amazing 1930's dress form is made with brass fitting! It went for a whopping $300
This is a really unique piece, its a Hudson Bay Company cash drawer. I've never seen anything like it. It was a popular item and sold for an astonishing $2000
This is an early 1920's folding seed display, it folded down flat. I wanted it but it slipped through my fingers.
I went home with some amazing things this weekend but auctions are not for the faint of heart. I spent 13 hours at the auction this weekend standing in a cold shed on a cement floor. The May long weekend is full of auctions, I hope you find a great one!




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