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Plum Home + Design is getting ready to have an official office, it is pretty exciting news. There is a laundry list of things to do and buy.

I'm of course dreaming of my desk, I want a large work surface with lots of storage. I have my heart set on a 1940's - 1960's solid wood teachers desk. They are usually a standard 60" long and 30 +" wide, with two banks of drawers on each side and a pencil drawer they have just enough storage. I'm off to see a Kijiji find this weekend, keep your fingers crossed for me that it works out.
Vintage School Desk
The big question is ... to paint or not to paint? Anyone who knows me knows that I love to paint my furniture. In a design office it is very important to have a white envelope to work in. It makes it possible to see how colours work together. So, would you paint this desk?

Okay, once you have the desk chosen, what is going on the desk? I have fallen for Martha Stewart's line from Staples. In white of course. I love that you can get everything you may need to put on your desk in the exact same shade of white. Here is what I'm ordering:
Martha Stewart for Staples
Next, what chair to chose. Since most of my office furniture is white my office chair is an opportunity to play with colour, pattern and texture. I'm thinking of this chair from Ikea, it has a casual comfort about it. I'm planning on having the seat and a lumbar pillow made in this great Dwell Studio pattern. In yellow of course, our signature colour!
Ikea Chair

Dwell Studio Fabric
Next, lighting. I need lamp light! It is a requirement. Whether it be a table lamp or a pair of floor lamps behind the desk I'm still a bit undecided. This is what I'm toying with.
West Elm Floor Lamps
Table Lamps
Here are a few inspirational pictures:
House & Home Magazine
House & Home Magazine



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