1923 - A very good year

After Christmas the shelves were looking a bit bare so this week I have been re-filling the shelves with our treasured finds from our trips to the UK.  Our tiny store only ever shows off a small portion of what we have so if you are looking for something special feel free to ask me, you never know what I might have!

Today I put out this beautiful chatelaine. It is a sterling silver mirrored compact on a long sterling silver chain. This lovely chatelaine was made in Birmingham England in 1923. The lovely piece is almost 100 years old and it still looks stunning. You can see the hallmarks inside the chatelaine which is how we were able to date it.

What was going on in 1923 when this was made:

January 10 – Poland annexes the Republic of Central Lithuania

March 2 – Time Magazine hits newsstands in the United States for the first time

March 22 – Hockey Night in Canada is first broadcast on the Toronto Star's private station CFCA, making the 
first hockey broadcast ever.

April 6 – Louis Armstrong makes his first recording, "Chimes Blues," with King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band

April 18 – Yankee Stadium opens its doors in the Bronx, NY

July 13 – The Hollywood Sign is inaugurated in California (originally reading Hollywoodland)

October 13 - Ankara replaces Constantinople as the capital of Turkey

October 16 - Roy and Walt Disney found the Walt Disney Company

November 11 – Adolf Hitler is arrested for his leading role in the Beer Hall Putsch, two days after the Putsch was crushed by the government.

Since I keep throwing the word "chatelaine" around it might be worth a brief explanation. A chatelaine was usually attached to a belt with multiple chains that hung useful household tools for the woman of the house. Such as scissors, a watch, a thread and needle or a file. It was worn by most housekeepers in wealthy households throughout the 19th Century. We see chatelaines as far back as Roman times when women wore chatelaine brooches with ear scoops and nail cleaners.

This is an example of a complete chatelaine brooch from the 19th Century and a Roman brooch dated 50 - 250 AD.

            Courtesy of Creweljewels.com                   


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