Dog lovers - this is the place for you!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a dog lover, I have three beautiful fur balls that I treat like the most valuable members of the household.

Case in point:
They get their haircut more often than I do
They eat organic by-product free food
They have an unlimited supply of treats
They have colour coordinated jackets, beds, you get the idea...I AM a dog person.

So when I come across a design story about dogs, I just have to share. Beware, if you are a dog person this story is going to make you want to shop for your pup!
Just because we are chatting about pups here is a montage of my puppies:
I was getting my daily Design Sponge dose and they were explaing how to make your own dog bed. Even though I can't sew a button (don't judge) I read on keenly. At the end they wisely told the sewing impaired where to buy a stylish bed. An amazing website called Domestic Beast , they feature so many cute products that are not only super adorable but stylish. For all of your design obsessed people you know how hard it is to find a dog bed that works with your decor. Well this is the store for you!

I love this site, they sell hard to find products. For instance they sell these amazing covers to go over the interior cushions so when your pup has an accident (it happens I know) it doesnt seep through to the cushion! The best part is it is super reasonable at just $20.00!

They are all over the stripe trend popular this spring
How cute are these dog food scoops!
These Missoni inspired bowls are gorgeous!
Happy Shopping!

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