Small Spaces = Happy Spaces?

From the time most of us flee our parents nest and start out in our own place. An often itty bitty apartment (and at times cockroach infested - my first place in Sydney) we are striving for a bigger place. Maybe it's time to re-think that goal, actually I can attest to the fact that small/compact spaces can be fantastic. They take a bit more effort and ingenuity but they are worth it. Just think, less space to clean and less clutter!

I saw a segment on MSNBC about a millionaire who downsized his grand living to a compact 420 square foot apartment in NYC. His tiny place may be small on size but makes up for it in style and function. Not only does he have a home office but he can entertain up to 12 on a fold out dining table.
*Watch the segment here*
His space inspired me so I went in search of more small spaces that inspire. What do you think? Are you ready to downsize?

Smart bookcases that maximize your space
Storage under the bed is always a wise solution in snug quarters, apartment therapy found the best of the best.
One of my favorite spaces features a 300 square foot condo in Austin Texas, small of size but big on style!



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