Exciting News and a chance to update a room in your house!

I've been waiting to share this news, today ATB launched an exciting contest called: Room For Change and I am apart of it! I have been chosen to be one of their two design experts.
Here is how it works:
If  you live in Alberta you can enter, send in pictures of your ugliest room or problem space. We want to see that paneling, faux brick and ugly wallpaper!
Each week between April 8th and May 13th ATB will choose two spaces that need the most help, and one of the two design experts will reply with tips and advice on how to transform the space. The lucky weekly winners get $250 to go towards fixing the space. If you are an ATB customer they double it and you get $500!

On May 15th ATB will post their 10 finalists and open it up to all Albertans to vote for the space they think deserves the $10,000. Voting ends on May 31st when ATB will announce the winner. The very lucky winner will be given $10,000 to renovate and redecorate their space with the help of one of the two experts!
I'm really looking forward to seeing all of your spaces and seeing the transformations. What is so great about this contest is that you will see real spaces and real budgets fix design problems that everyone is struggling with.

Sometimes a small tweak can make a huge difference to how you enjoy your space. Whether it is your forever home, your right now home or your first college rental don't hesitate to submit.

Click here to submit your photo through ATB. Or you can send it in via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  Even if you don't have a space to share (lucky you) follow along on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.




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