Demo Day, plaster walls and other things - My future master bedroom!

Last week we tackled what will be my future master bedroom. It has been on our list since we moved in. This room has so much potential but it was looking pretty sad!
It had layers of drywall, 5 layers of wallpaper and lath and plaster and of course 500 - 800 pounds of saw dust in the walls. Not to mention awful floors - a combination of wood and linoleum. Scary wiring and zero closet space. 
Pretty wild wallpaper!
Look at that dust!
For the past two years it has been our storage room but I finally got it all cleaned out and demo began. Demo is always the best part..particularly when you aren't doing it.

Having demo'ed our office we knew that we were prepared to pay for a crew to demo. It is a messy, heavy and all around terrible job. Two strapping guys demoed three walls and it took them 8 hours! 

Obviously I'm thrilled with the results. Not so much with the fine layer of dust covering everything our entire house!

The Culprit - Knob and Tube
How scary does this look?
The electrician was in next. He came to update and move the wiring. That's where the fun began, I was reminded of why most people don't want to own these old houses. When we bought the house they said the wiring was updated but surprise! We found knob and tube in the walls. If you aren't familiar with knob and tube it's what you find in homes built between 1880 and 1930. The problem with knob and tube is the insulation. At the time it was popular its temperature rating was 60c. The minimum temp rating on residential wiring is in most cases, 90c. The result is that anyplace you can expect very much heat, you can expect the jute and tar material composing the insulation will get cooked, resulting in a brittle material that will break off if the cable is flexed.  Many insurance companies won't insure homes with more than 15% knob and tube. Needless to say the plan is get it all removed. 

The demo crew also accidentally ripped one of the live knob and tube wires out and all the lights in our hall and stairs stopped working.

Renovation during the summer = limited contractors even for a designer. So the crew can't come back until August. In the meantime we plan on tearing out the 1950's hardwood, fixing all the electrical and doing our own insulation and vapour barrier. Hopefully all in time for the August drywallers!

I have faith that this room will look beautiful when all is said and done, I just keep picturing my inspiration photos.
My inspiration - SR Design 

I love the hit of Brass
I can't decide on how much trim to do in our room, but I do love it!


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