Happy Monday - Kicking off the week!

Happy Monday! The sun is shining and I'm already looking forward to the week ahead.

I never know what my week is going to look like but I do know....

I'm shipping these lovely hooks off to NYC, I'm jealous they won't be hanging in my house!
I'm thrilled to be ordering the new Fall Pehr line, they also added a children's line that is just adorable. Should be in store this fall! 
I just signed on to be a block captain on 124th street for Light up the Night! It's sure to be a great weekend and I'm thrilled to be a part of it. Follow along here as the plans come out.

I'm trying to choose the fabrics for my next round of pillows! I'm thinking of rich warm colours going into fall.

I just ordered a new lot of Feest candles today! They should arrive later this week. They are just so lovely and I love that they are made here in Canada.




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