A Plum Life: My Love List

How is it already Friday? It's been a busy week full of reno's and demo. As the reno's continue in my house a fine layer of dust has fallen all over the house but at least that means that the sanding is almost done and we are one step closer to being done!

Here are my fav's from this crazy week:
How amazing is this pendant? I love the glam take on brass.

Ok, I must have this necklace!

As the master bedroom gets closer to being done it's time to start thinking of soft things, I'm loving the grey and slate blue in this rug.

This stool/table is so gorgeous and warm and a great price.

Not that I need another dining table but I kinda think this table would be amazing as a desk. What do you think?

Fav pin of the week, a master bedroom of course. I'm obsessed with the blue grass cloth.




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