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I have been a terrible blogger this week! This is my first post, that usually means I was busy which also means I fell in love with so many new things.

I know it's hard to get into the Christmas spirit but I am already preparing for our store and I am in love with everything from Ice Milk Aprons, they have the most amazing advent calendar in linen. It's not online yet if you know all the beautiful things Ashley makes you know it's going to be amazing. We will definitely have it in our store.

This love french line of jewellery out of Paris was introduced to me this week, I think we need to have it too.
I love carrying Rifle Paper & Co, it's always exciting when they come out with new things. I have of course ordered this, this and this.

We carry these amazing blankets from Turkish T that are loomed in Turkey they are so soft and gorgeous and our new herringbone blankets just arrived. I of course favour the grey ones. There may already be one of my bed....who doesn't need a bit more herringbone in their life?

One of my fav card companies in Vancouver, Assembly of Text,  just released a ton of new cards. Don't worried I ordered them all! But look how cute they are.

I was out thrifting last week and I struck gold with this chair, can't quite decide if I should paint it, thoughts? 

This weekend is blogpodium, don't even bother asking me how jealous I am that I'm not going! That said I can't wait to hear about it on all my fav blogs. I think my favourite thing about blogging is that I get to see little snippets of like minded peoples lives every day and it helps me recognize just how similar we all are. It is of course inspiring too, if you are looking for a bit for inspiration on your blog roll you can't miss these blogs:


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