Our Heritage Home: Choosing Trim and Paint Colours

We are getting closer in the master bedroom, it's time to choose trim. For the baseboards and crown we are keeping things consistent throughout the house.

It will be this:

And this:
Over the door and the opening I plan on repeating this:

My carpenter dropped off options for the chair rail and the trim for the wainscoting.

Just a reminder this is what we are doing on the walls:

One step closer! Look at these walls, it's almost a real room.

Oh and I chose paint colours! Above the chair rail: Para P5220-44
I'm still agonizing over P5205 I was just worried it would be too blue....now I'm worried it's too brown.

Below the chair rail:
C2 Sheer, I'm doing the trim in the entire room in sheer. It's such a fresh bright white without any yellow. I plan on doing the lower walls in a satin finish so it appears more like trim than the wall.

We learned from the hours we spent painting the trim in the office. This time we are painting all the trim before it goes up and painting the walls before the trim goes up. Hopefully eliminating cutting in and taping the tricky bits.




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