A little crafting for HFTH13 - Antique Rattle Framed in a Shadow Box

Home for the Holidays 2013 is next week and we are getting down to the wire to wrap up all of our projects. 

On our last trip to England I found these beautiful silver plate rattles, it was one of those moments: I loved something and had no idea what I was going to do with it...until now!

The home I am decorating for Home for the Holidays 2013 has a new little bundle of joy. The nursery is adorable but I wanted to add a little antique charm to the room. 

Here's what you need for my craft:

*Double sided tape - this one from staples works just fine but I prefer the photo mounting tape - in the photo - you can find it at any good art store

*Shadow box frame

*Something lovely to frame - in this case I used an antique rattle (it was hard to choose just one)

I was toying with the idea of choosing a coloured paper but I stuck with classic linen white.

What do you think of the final product?



  1. Gorgeous!! I can't wait to see it in Baby D's room!!

  2. So wonderful! I loove rabbits, and antique silver. If you ever find another I'd love it so much!

  3. Hi Krystal, I will keep my eyes peeled. We are going back to England in October. Do you follow me on IG?
    I have one more antique rattle, we are about to launch our new online store and it will be there.



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