Designing my gender neutral nursery Part #1! I'm looking for advice!

It's getting mighty close to my due date so I really need to get moving on this nursery. Most of you might assume I mean decorating but surprise surprise my nursery requires a massive renovation. 

The floors are being refinished on Friday in our future master bedroom, well they are getting started, the contractor is arriving on Thursday to gut what will be our nursery. With plaster and saw dust in the walls this will be a major reno! We are also completely rewiring the entire space.

That said the plans are drawn up so now it's time to start dreaming of pretty things. We don't know what we are having so the nursery needs to as neutral as possible. 

I have decided on the colour scheme:
White - Sheer C2-804

Grey - Grout C2-994

Cream - Flash C2-660

Warm yellow as an accent - Limerick C2-592  
*this isn't quite right but a lighter version will work*

The floors will be the original hardwood refinished - 100 year old fir floors done in a medium wood tone. I will be using a rug to quiet the noise and protect the floors. Here are a few choices:
*Neutral and Soft, too boring?*

*I love the stripes, flat woven so I'm not sure it's soft enough*

*I love the baroque pattern and the cream colour*

*Too much pattern?*

I plan on installing a plate rail all the way around the room, the cream colour will be painted below the plate rail. Here's my inspiration:
*Sarah Richardson Design*

I was thinking of having these on above the chair rail.  The question is, is it on one wall or all 4?
*Urban Walls*

I'm pretty stuck when it comes to lighting, I want a soft light that doesn't feel like a nursery. It also can't be girly since we don't know what we are having. I've listed them from my most to least favourite.
*I love how soft and neutral this is*

*I'm worried this is too industrial*

*Maybe too small for a central light*

*I love the how grown up this light is*

*I love this but I'm worried the bare bulbs might be too harsh*

*Similar to my favourite one but I worry it's not neutral enough*

I'm totally open to comments, tomorrow I will show you where I'm at with furniture. 



  1. THIS IS SO EXCITING! I'm so happy it's all getting gutted this week! I really love the striped rug and the cream baroque rug! So pretty!!

  2. ooo, I'm so excited for this too! I'm with Justine, I instantly gravitated towards that striped rug - you can never go wrong with stripes. Love the idea of the star decals on all four walls too. I have no doubt it's going to look amazing, Jenna!

  3. Hi Jenna!
    wow your choices are all lovely! I love the striped rug and the idea of the stars on all four wall for impact ( I also likes the last rug image as well)

    For light fixtures the first image is for sure my fav (second choice would be the bronze carriage light)

    good luck deciding and make sure you post picture of the finished room!

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