Designing my gender neutral nursery Part #2 I'm looking for some advice!

The other day I showed off a few details of the nursery, well my plans for it so far. Construction begins this week and things will get a whole bunch worse before they get any better. And by worse I mean dust, debris dents in my hallway and very likely a few tears. What can I say I am a hormonal pregnant designer who is due for very soon and is only now starting her nursery.

Anyways, here are the "fun" pieces I'm still toying with, by fun I mean colours, fabrics, soft things etc!

As a general I'm not a fan of your typical nursery glider. I know they are meant for a babies room but do they need to scream baby? Instead I'm electing to have an armchair made into a swivel rocker. I'm thinking a classic grey fabric and I'm debating between these styles (ignore the current fabric choices). They will need a skirt to cover the rocker but so far I'm liking it.

Next to the chair I'm planning on this side table, by planning I mean I already ordered it!

And this lamp, I've been dying to use this lamp somewhere.

Crib: I know this is a critical item but I plan on keeping things cheap and cheerful with this one from ikea:

My inexpensive crib does not mean my sheets won't be pretty. Pehr was my first stop shop for baby things. Lucky for me they like grey, yellow and white as much as I do!! They just created the line, if you like it as much as me you can order it through our store.

I love this mobile for over the crib…maybe it will induce sleep!

Change table: I don't plan on buying a change table, I have a great painted white sideboard and I plan on putting the change table topper below on top to make it a pretty and functional change table. Here's some inspiration:

I've ordered this change table topper from RH Kids

This baby thing is new to me but from looking around my friends houses that have kids I know one thing for certain: Children have A LOT of stuff! So I know storage is an important part of this room. I'm open to suggestions here! 

I came across the Stuva line from Ikea. I can't get over the prices, in fact I plan on putting them on legs (different pretty ones) and using them for extra storage in my bedroom.
In my mind there is a need for toy storage and book storage. I'm also pretty sure that children aren't great at putting things away so easy storage is key. I ordered the new bins from Pehr's kids line for easy storage.

We decided to frame in two closets rather than the usual ikea closets we use. I need to organize the space particularly for the little baby things. The Martha Stewart Closets are ideal. Not only are they $100 each but they fit in most standard closets
They are customizable by adding drawers and extra shelves.
Fabric, it's one of my favourite things to buy and I plan on having pillows, blankets and custom drapery made for the room. Here is what I'm looking at (PS the first 4 are from the Sarah Richardson line):

Am I missing anything? Seriously any ideas what I have may missed? First time mom here!



  1. oh Jenna your choices are amazing!
    For sure get yourself a comfy chair, make sure the back is high enough to rest your head all the way back…you will be spending lots of time in it, and probably falling asleep in it!
    The only thing I purchased and never used..not even once was the change table thingy…I always ended up
    changing her on our bed?!
    And a cheap crib from Ikea is perfect! they only use it for about two years anyways.
    Im looking at your chair choices..go for the the tufted girl anything with loose back and seat cushion will drive you nuts with a baby (perfect place for little things to get lost in)
    Good luck :)

  2. Love everything! I'm with Janey, make sure you get a chair you can put her head back on because you WILL be falling asleep or very close to it... and you may want something to put your feet up too. A pouf maybe?

    Love the Sarah Richardson fabric!

  3. So it occurred to me that I could probably buy a swivel/glider base and make a chair into my own, much like your custom rocker. And indeed my research turned up some easy ways to do just that! (Thank you for the idea!)
    Now, I just need the chair; and the moment I saw the beautiful grey tufted one above, I wanted one like that.
    Can you tell me where you found the image of that beautiful arm chair, please? Thanks much!

    1. Hi Krystal, The chair is from the same company that made my chair silva4home.com

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