Nursery Update Part #3 - The renovations are moving along!

It's official we have been living in a renovation zone for over a week and though I love seeing the results but the reno's are taking their toll. I'm 33 weeks along so our due date is drawing near and the need to start nesting seems to be getting stronger. At this point in pregnancy having your entire master bedroom and nursery in your dining room is not ideal. But as I sit here typing I'm trying to sip my tea and calm my nerves.

The newly painted front stairs are ruined, the hallways are dinged and scratched and there is dust absolutely everywhere!! And I mean everywhere. Okay another sip of calming tea.

Here is what has happened this week:

14' pieces of drywall in my now dinged front hall - note the dust in the air!

The good news is that by the end of this week the walls are up, insulated and drywalled and we will have finally have rid the second floor of all the knob and tube.

This is the space we started with:
It was once two removes, you can see that from the floors and it was opened up sometime in the 70's

The view from the hallway, this wall will come down to open up the landing:

Demo Day!
*our poor stairs after day one*
*the new door is in*
*the landing is opened up*

The bin didn't arrive so after day one this wasn't our front lawn:

Knob and tube is quite frankly a nightmare. When we bought our house we were under the impression that we had about 20% knob and tube in our house. It turns out that basically 100% of our house is knob and tube. It was the original electrical choice at the turn of the century, the problem is that it can't handle today's electrical loads. Did I mention our walls are full of sawdust? This means that a spark from an overloaded circuit and we would have a fire throughout our walls, hence the investment in removing the walls and replacing all of the electrical circuits.

My poor electrician spent 8 hours drilling, digging around our attic and putting holes in the walls. Unfortunately we now have a floor to ceiling 12" wide hole in our front hall in an attempt to pull more wires from our panel. That hole led to another new hole… it's not a pretty story. These are what I like to call casualties of renovation.

What's one more hole, right?

Second Casualty - The walls went up and somehow I made a mistake, seriously it kills me to make mistakes. After a long sleepless night I knew that even for the sake of a tight budget I couldn't live with the mistake. The wall that was put for closets for the landing and bedroom was reversed. 

Two single closets in the landing - WRONG
One big closet in the nursery - WRONG
*my mistake*

Here is what they look like now:
One large closet in the landing - RIGHT

Two small closets in the nursery - RIGHT
Now I have a big wall for dresser or change table

I had planned for two single closets in the nursery and one double closet in the landing. The reverse was installed. The reason I did two single closets was:
    1)  If we have two kids in the room they each have their own closet
    2)  It gives me a wide space between them for a dresser or desk. 

When you are building a space it's worth thinking about how you will layout the room, I had planned a few scenarios out in the space; from when the room will be a nursery to a child(rens) bedroom. This is how I knew what layouts would be effected by the mistake with the closets.

Third Casualty - Our timeline
The re-framing of the wall meant that the electrical couldn't be done that day which meant that the insulation was delayed. In the end we are 2 1/2 days behind which is considerable when you have a tight timeline like ours. This is when I tell the peanut in my belly to stay in there a while longer!

Fourth Casualty - My newly painted front porch
It turns out that our newly painted front porch - which I loved in Martha Stewart Francesca Black - did not survive demo. This summer we will need to sand it back and re-paint the 4 coats of paint it will need. Even the best paint is no match for 6 pairs of work boots and heavy debris. Yes I did tear up a little.

With all this new insulation this room will finally be cozy!
This is where we are at now!

This weekend we have plans to pull up the oak hardwood floors from the 30's to expose the original fir hardwood floors. This is a back breaking job that my hubby will be tasked with. To save on budget we will also be doing the vapour barrier and insulation in the landing.
*the start of a back breaking job*

Monday - Wednesday next week the floors in the nursery and our master will be sanded, filled, stained and refinished.

By the end of next week, mudding and taping should be almost done and by the following week the trim and paint should be done and we will be ready for our baby!!

Fun things!
I have thrown myself into researching baby supplies. It's in my nature to research until I'm certain I'm making the correct decision.

Here are my discoveries:
A friend/client told me about this stroller. I'm a huge fan of the bugaboo's but I find the $995 price tag on the chameleon totally intimidating. The bee is almost $300 less and folds down in one easy step without having to remove the seat. It is also the lightest one I have found at 18.5 pounds.

This is another great tip from a friend: apparently I need an ottoman to go with my nursing chair - who knew?
I have a few options, I can get these made with custom fabrics (so ignore these fabrics):

*just the medium sized one*


There are these ready made options:

What do you think?

The Britax Car Seat - Generally rated 1st or 2nd depending on the year from a safety perspective it is tops. The deciding factor for me was that it fits taller/bigger babies. With the discovery that I'm carrying a tall somewhat chubby baby and I am married to a 6' 2" strapping man I think this is the best choice for us.

My first order from Petite Pehr arrived this week, I can't say enough good things about it. It's so soft, cute and I love that there are gender neutral options.

My store has always carried these amazing tea towels from Oh Little Rabbit. I have always loved them because they are made with non-toxic dyes on organic cotton and they get softer with every wash. They are hand drawn designs and screened by hand by a great husband and wife team from Portland. My mum just pointed out that they would make the most amazing burping cloths - she's so smart! I went shopping and have them washed up and ready for burping!



  1. Just came across your blog via JustBella. Your home is going to be gorgeous!! I'm so excited to follow along. One suggestion for baby items -- a stroller with large wheels (particularly a large front wheel) is a must for our winters! There is nothing more frustrating than dragging a stroller with small wheels through the snow, or attempting to conquer those huge snow-ruts on the road only to get stuck. Bugaboo makes such lovely strollers -- but I don't think they had Canadian winters in mind when they designed them ;)

    1. Thanks for the kind words and advice! The words of encouragement always help when the reno's are getting me worn out.
      I have heard that, its sounds like most mums have two strollers. One for winters and "offloading" and another for travel and indoors. Boy of boy it is confusing :)
      I hope I have a nursery update this week.

  2. Yay! Yes, it's so true, it's almost impossible to have just one stroller! We tried, but ended up with a frame for the carseat, a jogging stroller, an umbrella stroller, and now a double Chariot. Thankfully the hubby just learned to go along with it ;)



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