A morning with Breakfast Television

I spent a great morning with Breakfast Television last Friday, they took pity on my late state in pregnancy and came to visit me at the store. Note that I'm at that stage in pregnancy when those great stretchy dresses are the only option.

The Breakfast Television team is amazing and they are always such a treat to hang out with. Which is pretty important when you have to get up at 4:30 in the morning! This morning was no exception.

We had a great time talking about putting together a gender neutral nursery and a few fun DIY projects.

I still can't watch myself on TV but here are the segments.

In the first segment we chatted about choosing neutral fabrics, paint and bedding for a neutral nursery. You know how I feel about fabric, I love it! If you are in Edmonton I also shared my favourite paint store: Walls Alive. A family run business that is such a joy to work with. The best part is you can take home 2' x 3' paint samples, trust me this makes choosing a paint colour much easier.

Then we chatted about a super easy DIY project, making your very own pin board. With a few pieces of fabric swatches, cork board squares and a staple gun. P.S baby plum is that ultrasound pic on one of those pin boards. 

Next we talked about thinking outside of the box for furniture items in your nursery. I've elected to use an antique sideboard as my change table in my nursery. And I'm loving the idea of using this great 150 year old blanket rack as way to display all of your little ones lovely blankets.

Our last episode of the morning, a final DIY project. I found these great MDF letters at Michaels, they come in a variety of sizes and styles. We painted them with readily available craft paints. I love the idea of doing the entire alphabet and leaning them on these shelves making them a portable learning tool. You could also use them to spell out your little ones name.




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