Baby Crazy - My new obsessions!

Any day now my family of two is about to become a family of three when we welcome our first baby. As overwhelming as it is it is also super exciting. With the arrival on my little one (we don't know what we are having) it has opened an entirely new area of design! My hubby is cringing since I've discovered an entirely new shopping arena! Decorating spaces for babies/children is so much fun and I love thinking outside of the box and finding handmade finds. I'm loving so many things right now its hard to chose which ones to buy.

Here are a few of my favourites:

VonBon Apparel - I Love Love Love this great Vancouver based online store. I'm waiting to see if we have a boy or girl before I order but I can attest to how soft the organic cotton blankets and leggings are. I have heard that the are great for when they are teething.

Arrow and Laces Designs - They just launched their online store this week with great success. These ladies has style for days. Have you seen their amazing office? If I have a little girl I will be ordering this dress asap. Not only are they adorable I think they are really well priced! Did I mention they have adorable bow ties?

Alexandra Rose - How great are these? I'm obsessed with the teething rings. Heads up friends I'm ordering these for your baby showers!

Mini Moc - Another amazing Canadian, I'm obsessed with these moccasins. Again waiting to see if we have a boy but how perfect are they for the chilly Edmonton spring weather we have coming!
How amazing are the gold ones?

Ikea - This is the best kept secret! These Stuva cupboards from Ikea are incredibly well priced in fact the -- drawer fronts are on sale right now. I love them so much that I'm using them in my bedroom. I just added new legs to get them to the right height.

Skip Hop - I feel like a diaper bag is another opportunity for a great bag. If you know me you know I'm a sucker for a great purse (don't tell my hubby I'm calling it a purse).

I'm loving this one from skip hop right now. Doesn't it feel like spring/summer. The seersucker pattern and brown accents, love it! If you aren't into carrying a diaper bag I hear this change station is a great alternative.

Dwell Studio - I also love this one. Dwell Studio is synonymous with style and this bag is no exception.  Which one should I chose?

Baby Dolphin Design - My super stylish and talented friend Justine Ma introduced me to this line. How amazing is this whale receiving blanket? By the way Justine makes the most amazing prints and cards which we love carrying at Plum Home + Design, how cute is this one?

Lace and Cable - One of my favourite Edmonton bloggers In the Fun Lane introduced me to these adorable hats.

Bottz Studios - Another great Etsy find, how did we live without easy. I really wanted a pretty handmade mobile for the nursery and I have fallen in love with these ones. I love that you can choose the ring finish. This is the one I'm looking at:

Yarning Made - I've been drooling over these, now which one to choose? Did I mention yet another great Canadian.

Rugs - We re-did our 100 year old fir floors in the nursery. I love them but they really have a lot of creaks which I just know will alert our little one if we come in. I have been humming hawing over rugs but it is time to bite the bullet. I'm choosing from Jaipur, its a great rug line we carry in Plum Home + Design. They have so many great patterns and the price point is great! Here are my final choices:

Sticky Bellies - From what I hear that first year flies by in a blur of sleeplessness nights and new experiences so I love the idea of tracking each month with these adorable stickers.

The Honest Company - My sister gave me all the basics from Jessica Alba's Honest Company. I love the products, made ethically and completely organic I have heard amazing things about the entire line. Shipping is a little expensive but I plan on continuing to use their creams and cleansers.

I hear the healing balm is amazing!

You know life it about to change when you just bought 900 wipes and 219 diapers. Having your first baby is such an amazing experience. All of you mums out there know what I'm talking about. It's hard to explain it but even though your belly has been in the way and you can't give your hubby a proper hug you feel closer to your partner than ever before. It feels like we are standing on a precipice about to take a giant leap together. We have had almost 12 years, amazing years, together and we can't wait to make our family of two (plus 3 puppies) a family of three!



  1. Love it all! You have so much to look forward to... Enjoy!!

  2. I loved this post! Please continue to write about eco-friendly and organic baby items. I'm going to share with all my mummy friends. : )

    1. Thanks so much! My focus is for sure on mummy friendly things these days :)



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