Nursery and Reno Updates #4

I have been working on this blog post for over a week, shameful I know! Last week really got away from me, I did a 4 segment TV appearance on Friday which tends to involve quite a bit of prep. That coupled with a 5 a.m wake up call made for a very sleepy pregnant lady. Excuses, excuses I know. 

Anyways here is where we are at:

So the nursery floors finally got finished! I'm really happy with how they turned out. I almost feel bad putting a rug on them. Almost!

Refinished 100 year old floors! Remember they used to look like this:

Here is my final choice, I went with a really simple design. There is enough pattern I think this rug will ground the space and will grow with the baby.

My paint choices came to a stand still for a while. I am usually a very decisive designer but I just wasn't able to commit to the perfect shade of cream for weeks. I wanted it to be warm and welcoming without being too dark or brown. Since I'm pairing cream with grey this is a pretty important choice. I landed on Antique White 516-2 by Pittsburgh Paints:

I ordered the window hardware this week, RH Baby had a big sales and I just couldn't resist.

Another decision, I need to order my artwork but I just can't decide on which ones. They are all so cute, Help!

I'm pretty certain that a kangaroo needs to be in the nursery after all this baby is 50% Australian.
I will be using this frame from Ikea

My nursery chair is under way and I chose an ottoman!
It will have a swivel rocker base and a high tailored skirt to hide it all, I don't usually choose boxy chairs like this but quite a few smart mums recommended getting a chair I could lean back in. I listened!

This is the softest fabric and the perfect shade of cream!

I chose the hatbox (medium) as my ottoman. I liked the rounded edges and that it has storage.

This is a closeup shot but from afar it seems like a very neutral fabric. 

We have three days of mudding, taping and sanding behind us in the nursery. This of course brought a new wave of dust, dust and more dust. We are in the final stages of painting and trim. If all goes well we will be done by the end of next week. Which in renovation reality means we have two weeks to go.
First coat of paint
Closet Doors!
Second coat of paint and I still like it!
I have a linen closet in the hall!

I work in construction sites for a living so I am pretty used to the mess and destruction they bring. That said this has been a very big renovation and being in my 8th month of pregnancy (it feels like 80th month) I am getting to the end of my rope! The hard part about renovations is that often things get damaged in your home as you try and repair others. Our poor walls and stairwell are really looking worse for wear. I keep reminding myself not to sweat the small stuff but if I'm being completely honest seeing my hand rail chipped that I painstakingly sanded and painted when we moved in makes me a little crazy!
This is the landing after the crew had cleaned up!

The past few days continue to bring an increase in comments about the size of my very pregnant belly. As we hit 35 weeks we feel like we are in the final stretch and I would love to be baby ready in 2 weeks! Did I mention my in laws are arriving for a month long stay February 27th? Time is ticking...
To be fair this is a flattering photo from a week ago, I've grown even more!

We have made progress in the master bedroom:
Ikea closets purchased - not put together yet…
Some crown up
Baseboards on
I'm hoping we can move in next weekend, I better get started on our drapery!

I can't wait to move into this room!



  1. Wow it all looks so great!!! And you are such a tropper at 35 weeks, before you know it you will be putting your baby to sleep in that room and these renovations will be a distant memory!!

    1. Thanks so much! Your words of encouragement are helpful this morning as the dust continues to fly:) I'm looking forward to bringing our little peanut home.

  2. I very much like your idea of finding a nice chair and making it into a rocker. Can you share some info/advice on how to get that done? What kinds of places do this for you, or can it be done on your own? And would you mind sharing the cost of making that custom alteration? I don't live in Canada so I couldn't go to the same places you'd have locally, but a general point in the right direction would be much appreciated!
    Congratulations on your new boy, by the way! I'm so excited I saw your lovely nursery on Holly B.'s IG feed last night...I'm eagerly looking through your blog now for all kinds of inspiration on a classy nursery/home as we gear up for baby no.1 ourseleves. Thanks & Happy Day :)

  3. Thanks Krystal! Congrats on your upcoming arrival. It is such an exciting time. Do you know what you are having?
    Usually adding a swivel rocker is $120 - $150 plus you need to add a skirt to the chair $60 - $80.
    I'm so glad you found inspiration on the blog, it makes me so happy!



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