Waiting for Baby and a few new favourite things!

Hard to believe that I'm 41 weeks pregnant today, having heard from my Dr's that I probably wouldn't make it past the end of February it is a bit of a surprise to still be pregnant on March 16th! I've been cursing them!!!

Uncomfortable really does not begin to describe how you feel at this stage in pregnancy. Plus the anticipation is killing me. We just want to meet our baby boy or girl!!

I have been really slack pushing out blogs but I had prepared myself to have my hands full with a baby right now. 

That said I've of course been busy falling in love with lots of things and adding to my lost list, here are a few current obsessions:

Lo & Sons bags : My bag obsession continues, each time I go on a big trip I end up searching for the perfect travel bag that looks stylish but at the same time meets a few important requirements:
The bag itself is super light - I can't believe how many bags weigh 5+ pounds empty!
Good looking - it needs to be able to go from work to play
Storage - I need compartments! Otherwise I end up wasting so much time digging in a panic for something I think I've lost.

If you don't believe how efficient these bags are just watch one of their videos as they pack a bag. I was sold!
I love the fact that these bags are a family business, a mum and her two sons. They look great and with the large ones weighing in a 2+ pounds empty I think they will fit the bill. The big question is which one? I'm leaning to the T.T or The Brookline. Which one do you like?

The T.T

 The Brookline

Do you know what a fit bit is? I discovered them when I was looking for a gift for my hard to buy for husband. You wear them on your wrist 24 hours a day and they track your movement, calories burned and how well you are sleeping. Though they are quite discreet I just couldn't get on board with wearing one on my wrist until….Tory Burch is teaming up with fit bit to make a beautiful bracelet to hold the little computer. I'm in!

My prints from the animal print shop arrived this week. It was a hard choice but I landed on, a bunny, kangaroo and giraffe for the nursery. I think they look darling!

I did a quick craft project yesterday, I bought an Ikea frame and painted striped on the mat in the wall colour.  I was happy with how it turned out but I used painters tape and it played havoc with the mat so I will need to re-do it. I'm think post baby :) P.S have you signed up for Ikea family? It is free and totally worth it!

By the way this beautiful print is made by Gingebear. As you know I have three beautiful little Maltese (my fur babies) so it's no surprise to have a pic of one in my nursery.

My neighbourhood Target finally opened and I couldn't help but run down. I have been stalking the other stores for a particular lamp for the nursery and as luck would have it they had it! I also bought this adorable little tortoise shell box in brass. It's found a home in the nursery. 

Love this lamp!

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love jewellery, via a favourite blogger Northern Style Exposure I fell in love with these initial necklaces from oNecklace 
By the way if you don't follow Norther Style you need to! if you don't follower her get on it. Not only is she a local from Edmonton, she is a super stylish mum and her blogs are always a fun read.



  1. I think I love the T.T, but you're right, tough call as they both look fab! And IKEA family?! I'm going to investigate this asap! Thanks for some great ideas, and hang in there this week. Keep me posted :)

  2. Those are some great bags. I love how much stuff you can fit in there! Food for thought - very soon, you will need both hands at the ready. The Brookline has a strap that looks as though you can wear it cross body. The TT does not seem to have the same feature. Cross body is especially helpful in the winter when you are wearing your winter coat, the baby is in theirs and the two together are like a slip and slide.

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