Antique Spotlight - Pocket Watch Keys

I don't know about you guys, but public gestures of love, when done right, have always set my heart a-flutter! These subtle, genuine and stylish actions have potential to create a lasting effect.  

It seems like we have always been fascinated with public declarations of love. When I was in  grade school your relationship was pretty much non-existent unless you had a promise ring on your finger. These days, nothing is real until it happens online (I'm looking at you, "Facebook official"). 

No surprise these acts of showing love have been happening for centuries! That's why I was so thrilled with our recent find in England: Antique pocket watch keys. What is so romantic about pocket watch keys, you ask? 

Let me explain:

In England, prior to World War I, pocket watches were popular among men. However, unlike the watches we have now, they did not have batteries and would need to be wound with a key to keep time. 

Now I know this sounds like a pain, but it's actually a hidden opportunity to show your girl how serious you are about your relationship with her. You see, instead of carrying the key themselves, men would usually hand it over to their significant other, the idea being that they would see their love so often that it wouldn't be an inconvenience to leave the key with her (insert collective sigh here, ladies). 

Romantic gestures like this make me want to travel back in time to the period of pocket watches, spinners, and men in three piece suits. But because we don't have access to a time machine, I brought these keys back to the store and gave them a modern twist! We put these brass keys on new silver chains, creating a delicate and fashionable piece. 

Now, a man can buy his significant other a gift with a romantic back story, or a lady can treat herself to a beautiful necklace. 

Photo by Robert Muller

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