I'm a new mum…so much to learn so little time! - Hope you don't mind as I figure things out

My little man has arrived. I had a lovely little boy on March 17th, 2014. We named him Harrison Cole Pryor. Needless to say I am head over heels in love with him. 

The last 2 1/2 weeks have been an eye opening experience. As other new mum's will attest to the learning curve is steep and I'm still trying to figure out how the old me and the new me meet and how every day life is meant to be.

When I started this blog 4 years ago it was strictly about design, year by year more of my personal life has crept in. With the arrival of Harrison I'm pretty sure you can expect a whole lot more of me and my life. I have realized that up until now my career has led my life, now my career will still be an important part of my life but now there is a whole other side of life. I'm not sure how I'm going to work them out but hopefully you don't mind following along as I do.

Here are the few things I have learned:

1) My purse collection will be given a break, my new purse is this:

Between a car seat, stroller, blankets and diaper bag I quite literally cannot carry another thing.

That said I expect a cross body style will work. Mom's out there what do you think?

2) I am going to have great arms, those car seats are heavy! 

I had no idea how much weight I would be carrying, between a baby, the car seat that really
seems to weigh more than a 10 year old and diaper bag. I am going to have pipes!      

3) Eating is now a race - I have learned to eat quickly and efficiently. 

Anything that I can pop in my mouth and eat while rocking a baby is on the menu! These are a favourite of mine.

4) That "take a nap when your baby is sleeping" advice is not possible for all of us. 

I just couldn't nap. I think I have had two since he was born. People kept telling me to nap which would just stress me out even further! Don't feel bad if this is you too, some of us just can't …

5) Let people help you. 

This is a tough one for me. I don't naturally accept help from others. Having Harrison made me say YES. YES - you can bring dinner by, YES - you can hold him while I have a glorious shower, YES - I would love you to hold my screaming baby while I run to the washroom.

6) Plan, plan and plan again.

I thought I was a well organized and highly scheduled person. Having my little guy has made me plan every moment of the day. Getting out the door to pick up my husband at the end of the day requires planning all day to make sure he is clean and fed in time for our departure. Leaving the house requires more wipes, diapers and outfit changes than I had ever imagined.

I have never looked at my watch so much in my life. Good thing I love my watch :)

7) Babies make A LOT of laundry.

People have told me this before but I didn't believe it! My pretty Pehr hamper is at least making it a bit more fun.

8) It is amazing what you can do with one hand. 

I have put pants on, made breakfast and typed an email all with one hand this week.

9) Grocery shopping is much harder than it used to be.

4 litres of milk, a loaf of bread and a few grapes almost ruined my day. Are there lessons for how to do this? How do you bring a baby and a pram into the grocery store while getting groceries. 

P.S I love my buggy it made grocery shopping almost manageable.

10) Getting ready, it needs to take a lot less time and have a lot less steps.

Ponytails are totally a-ok, mascara is all the makeup I now need and you can totally dress up sweat pants. I'm relying heavily on lip gloss and accessories!

*The lovely photo of Harrison was taken by Desiree with DV photography. She was so patient and sweet. He was only 4 days old and we were still getting the hang of things.



  1. I can relate to SO much of this post.
    1) I decided to splurge and get a diaper bag that I love because there is no way I am carrying a diaper bag AND a purse right now. I just keep my wallet and a few other things from my purse in the diaper bag.
    3) Haha! Eating is definitely a race! It's also a "what can I eat/prepare with one hand" ordeal. The other night hubby was holding the baby and supper was ready. He said "how am I going to eat?". "The same way I eat breakfast and lunch everyday!" ;)
    4) Ugh, I hate the "nap when baby naps" advice. For one thing, when baby does nap (which isn't consistent in these first few months), I'm usually holding him or I am no longer able to nap either.
    6) It takes me a minimum of 2 hours to get ready to leave the house (this includes getting myself ready)!! And timing is everything, isn't it?! I have to make sure to nurse Sully right before we leave so that I can maximize my time outside of the house before his next feeding. I don't know how I will ever do it should I have another baby down the road…!
    9) Going to the grocery store still gives me anxiety. And murphy's law says baby will start crying when you are stuck in line to pay! It's pretty much a race against time when I go grocery shopping and I always try to use the self checkouts now (I'm not usually buying too much anyway as you can't fit very many groceries into a cart when a carseat is taking up all the room. Also, I don't take my stroller into the grocery store (I have a bugaboo too!), I leave him in the bucket seat and plop that into cart. Better chance of him staying asleep, I think!

    ANYWAY, sorry for the novel - it's very reassuring to know others are feeling and experiencing exactly what I am right now. We are not alone! :)

    1. I love hearing from you!
      1) Which one did you get?
      3) No kidding! I can even do makeup with one hand. Mind you I did eat lunch at 4 pm yesterday
      4) It makes me happy to hear I'm not alone
      6) I hear it gets better, I'm afraid to even think of doing it with two
      9) I need to try putting him in the cart, I've just started making my hubby shop with me. Which bugaboo do you have?
      PS love the "novel" keep them coming!

  2. I got the lassig neckline diaper bag in grey. I liked all the pockets it had and that it was made from recycled materials. I originally wanted a black, leather one, something that mimicked more of a "purse", but at the time, I couldn't find one that I liked enough.
    When I first found out I was pregnant, I really wanted twins! Haha, I couldn't imagine twins now!
    I have the bugaboo chameleon. I love it! It is definitely easier to have someone go with you to run errands/get groceries! I didn't leave the house during the day without my mom for the first few times!

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