A Morning with Breakfast Television - Dressing a Stylish Little One

Photo by mini mioche

Honestly, one of my worries about becoming a new mom was losing my sense of style, ok not losing it, but not having the time for it. As an interior designer, style is integral to everything I do, so when I thought that I may not have time for it panic ensued. 

That being said, thanks to the power of social media, (I LOVE IG) I realized that I really didn't have to be worried, in fact, it was all at my fingertips. It's true the days of leisurely strolling through a store are long gone. Now I just dash through a store praying he doesn't wail before I get what I need. Thank goodness for online shopping! Ah, beautiful, beautiful Instagram. Instagram never closes, it is constantly changing, and it fits perfectly in my hand. It's open at 3 am when I'm rocking my little guy to sleep. 

I have totally mastered shopping with one hand! This is how all shopping should be done. 

Photo by mini mioche
All of my new favourite designers are people I have discovered in the wee hours while feeding Harrison. There I would be, tired, but satisfied that I was able to care for my little guy while doing what I love. Not only that, I could combine the two: I could scroll through for the newest finds from my fav designers for Harrison and me!

I thought it would be a great idea to introduce you all to my new fav finds, all of whom I found on social media. And to add icing to the already stylish cake, they all happen to be Canadian! Supporting Canadian female designers, all from the palm of my hand? Does it get any better?

Without further ado, here are some designers you (and your baby), are going to want to follow:

Photo by Vonbon

Photo by Vonbon
Jennifer and Kristin, stylish sisters and thoughtful gift givers, were sick of buying traditional baby wears for the many expectant mothers in their lives. Lovers of fashion, design and above all, quality, they saw a need for premium, eco-friendly goods that represented their modern tastes for both mother and child. 
Inspired by the sophistication of neutral palettes that work to transition among all elements of their lives, Vonbon designs are appropriate for either gender, any age and all homes. 

Handmade and carefully crafted in their inspiring, sun-filled studio in beautiful Vancouver, BC, each product has been mindfully created for trendy babies and their even trendier parents. Certified organic, using only water-based inks and made in small batches, each pattern is purposefully designed to mix and match and make the style uniquely 

Photo by Vonbon

You can follow Vonbon Apparrel on Instagram @vonbonapparel

Photo by First Prints
First Prints, otherwise known as Alyssa, started her business last year and it has taken off! Just after a couple a months, the demand for First Prints was so big that she and her husband decided to create an online store where people from all over the world can purchase First Prints. 

Alyssa didn't want to just have a business but she wanted the chance to give back, so she found a great Charity called J.A.M. They do multiple things for children, but the area she wanted to be involved in was feeding the children of Africa. J.A.M feeds one million children on a daily basis. The way First Prints contributes is every 10th pair of moccs sold they will feed a child in Africa for one year. It's an amazing thing to be apart of and she couldn't be more proud.                                    

The moccs are made of 100% Italian Leather and each piece is hand picked. First Prints brand the soles of every pair that goes out and the moccs come with their very own printed muslin bag for safe packaging.

I can attest how great these little mocs are, Harrison is lucky enough to have a pair. They are absolutely adorable, soft, comfortable AND they stay on!

You can follow First Prints on Instagram @firstprints

You can shop First Prints on their online store.

Photo by mini mioche
In an industry dominated by production in low wage countries, ‘MADE IN CANADA’ is something rarely seen on the origin label of any fashion product. Each and every piece of mini mioche is designed and manufactured in Toronto, Canada.

Photo by mini mioche
Mini Mioche's product is made in a safe, clean factory environment by skilled seamspeople who are paid a fair living wage. mini mioche also believes you should be able to buy stylish, comfortable and affordable fashion for your little one without harming the environment, which is why all of our products are made with organic cotton or other eco-friendly fabrics. mini mioche organic cotton is a more environmentally friendly option over conventional cotton clothing lines – which typically use chemicals and farming processes that are harmful to the environment.

On every tag it reads: Made for kids not by kids - isn't that what all labels should say?

You can follow mini mioche on Instagram @minimioche

You can shop mini michoe on their online store.

Photo by Whistle & Flute
Whistle & Flute Clothing is a line of modern, stylish and affordable children's apparel inspired by Japanese kawaii characters, modern design and typography. The name, "Whistle & Flute" comes from the English rhyming-slang for a suit of clothes. 

Photo by Whistle & Flute
The collection was designed by the husband and wife duo of Ryan and Miranda McCullagh. Ryan is a graphic designer specializing in apparel printing and Miranda has half of a fashion-design school degree, an artistic eye and an intuition for design trends. Miranda and Ryan decided to create the line following the birth of their son, Akira. They wanted to create a line of children’s clothing featuring printed designs that they themselves would wear. 

All Whistle & Flute clothing is printed made-to-order on American Apparel clothing and feature original artwork by Miranda and Ryan. 

Fun fact: Miranda actually plays the flute.

You can follow Whistle & Flute on Instagram @whistleandflute

You can shop Whistle & Flute on their online store.

Photo by Bosom Babies
Located on our very own 124th street, Bosom Babies has been a staple in the community for all things baby. Sheryl, the owner of the store, is an expert on a variety of baby related issues, from safe baby skin care to tips on easy travelling with a your little one. 

Bosom Buddies is located at 12413 Stony Plain Rd, Edmonton, AB T5N 3N3. You can also shop at their online store.



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