A Morning with Breakfast Television - Baby Proofing the Style in your Home

The honest to goodness truth: my house is upside down some days. That said I'm not prepared to give up on having a stylish home, in fact you would have to pry style out of my cold dead hands before I would give it up.

keeping a stylish home has become a bit more difficult so here are a few tricks I've been relying on.

Stain treatment 

Oh boy stains are a part of my life but with a few handy products you can get the best of them.
Scotch Guard: Scotch guard will help protect your furniture from dirt and spill.
You can purchase Scotch Guard from Home Depot

Spot Off: Spot off will get almost anything out of furniture without leaving those terrible stain remover wet patches.


I love pillows and blankets and I'm not prepared to abandon them just because I'm a mum. That said, EVERYTHING I have is washable. All my pillows are zippered and are cotton or polyester for easy cleaning. Same goes for my blankets, they need to be washable or they aren't welcome at casa Pryor. Dry cleaning is a dirty word in my house :)

A tip: Wool blankets can get washed in the gentle cycle and hung to dry, just do NOT put them in the dryer.

I no longer live in a world where ironing my tea towels is a possibility (yes I used to do that), but I still need some pretty in my life, so I love these pom pom tea towels from Pehr. They wash so easily and are still oh so pretty.

Slip Covers
I have three dogs, a baby, and a husband who loves to eat the messiest foods on my couch -men!- you name it on my white couch. You heard me, white! The trick is that it's slipcovered. I can take the entire thing off stain treat it, even bleach it, and I have a nice clean couch!

These little ones love camping out on the couch.

Bemz is a Swedish based company that does custom slipcovers for all of Ikea's furniture! This makes it super easy to find a fabric that matches the look of your room. The options are so chic and a great price point!

Say goodbye to your glass coffee table, there is no way of getting around those sharp edges, they are just not baby friendly. As an alternative, consider using ottomans or benches to create a beautiful, baby friendly, space.

Love this one from Urban Barn with tons of storage

One of the custom beauties from Plum

Love this ottoman and a half from Crate & Barrel

A grouping of 3 of these would be great in the space of a traditional coffee table

Love the bun feet on this square beauty

Ones with storage are even better. I used one for my nursery, it's a perfect place to put baby toys!

Kids aren't known for putting their toys away, and boy do they have a lot of stuff. I love to use these bins from Pehr for all my toy storage. And you guessed it, they are washable!

Messy Eaters
I am also loving these paper placemats. Having a baby means that sometimes food gets spilt and thrown around. Having paper placemats means I don't have to worry about clean up and possible stains, I just get to whip out another paper placemat and I ready for the next meal! Loving these gold chevron ones we have at Plum right now.

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