A Morning with Breakfast Television - Stenciling Craft Jars

I love a little DIY or crafting, in fact it is a big creative outlet for me. I can't wait to share this with my son, I do realize my craft station is about to get a whole lot messier. That said I was determined to find a cute way to keep all of the supplies in sight.

What you'll need:
  • Mason jar ($1.99 - $4.99 from Ikea) - I got mine from Ikea but they are available at Target and Walmart too
  • Martha Stewart craft paint ($5.99) - from Michaels
  • Foam pouncers
  • Martha Stewart sticker stencils ($11.99) 
1) Clean the mason jar glass

2) Choose the letters you wish to use from the sticker stencil, and place them on the mason jar, I really liked these ones from Martha Stewart they are reusable and stick on to the glass. 

3) Put a small amount of the Martha Stewart paint on your palette (it dries quickly)

4) Put a small amount of paint on the pouncer and fill in your stencil. You are better off putting two layers on and using less paint per coat. You can apply your second coat right away. As soon as you have done your last coat remove the stencils and wash them right away.

It takes about 21 days for the paint to cure but it dries to touch in about 15 minutes.

I love that you can organize your crafts and they look pretty! This craft would translate really well to the kitchen too. Here's a bit of inspiration:

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