A Morning with Breakfast Television - Plum Home & Design, Northern Exposure, In the Fun Lane

I am so thrilled that Breakfast Television thought of me for their "Blogger's Week." My blog was my first step in a career change when I was trying to decide if the design world was for me. It was the way I dipped my toes in the water just to see if I liked it as much as I thought I did. Years later I have my own store (dream come true) a busy design business and I still find myself blogging away each week.

When Breakfast Television asked me to join them from Bloggers week and talk about being a mum, a designer and a blogger I jumped at the chance. When they asked me to include a few of my favourite Edmontonian bloggers I instantly knew who to ask.  Here is a little background on my blog and my fellow bloggers.

Polished Plum

When I started Plum Home & Design, I had an idea of what I wanted to accomplish. I wanted to show people beautiful spaces, I wanted to represent Canadian designers, and I wanted to a place to be myself. I love the honesty behind blogging, I can talk about what's going on in my life - and share personal moments with a little anonymity, well a little less now!
On my blog I share design projects in both my professional and personal life, what I obsessing over, and everything else that comes along with running your own interior design business and renovating a century old home. 

With the birth of my son, my blog took on another aspect: motherhood. Actually when I got pregnant it took a little turn. In fact, I announced my pregnancy on my blog! 

Now not only is my blog about my work, but it was also about my own little guy, my baby Plum, Harrison. One of my fav parts about blogging is that there is an amazing community of fun, friendly, stylish women who are out there reading along or sharing their advice on their blogs. It is like one big family that I turn to when I'm having a bad day, looking for a craft or a little mum support! 

Through blogging I have been fortunate enough to come in contact with other mothers who blog, and run their own business, all while being fashionable. I feel so blessed! 

Another mom blogger who is showing that Edmonton and Canada is the place to be for all things beautiful is Holly over at In the Fun Lane. A self described "professional flipper," Holly expertly creates beautiful spaces, revitalizes furniture, and fixes much loved trinkets. Scrolling through her blog it is instantly apparent she has and eye for design. Everything this lady touches is effortlessly elegant! 
One of the main stars on In the Fun Lane is Holly's daughter, Wren. In the midsts of the beautiful pictures, insightful tips, and design inspiration that Holly brings to the table, she tops it all off with pictures and stories of her little girl. Wren is the light of this blog. She makes Holly, with all her innate talent, also an amazing mum. This is a MUST read blog! 

You can follow Holly on Instagram over @inthefunlane

Need fashion advice for the ever-changing Canadian weather? You need to look no further than Kira from Northern Exposure. This girl can make sweatpants look effortlessly chic, she is that good. She literally epitomizes: Stylish Mom! 
One look at her Instagram tells you that she even knows how to make babies fashionable in the Canadian cold. This is no easy feat! Have you seen her adorable son? He is a future heartbreaker, oh so cute and one of the best dressed little dudes around!

In Edmonton, it can be discouraging to try and look nice, especially when it is almost impossible to determine whether or not it is going to be a sunshine or snow storm kind of day (the weather changes that fast). What is so great about Kira is that she brings versatility to the fashion table: she layers like a pro, she pairs winter and summer pieces, and she isn't afraid to spice things up with colour. Oh and did I mention she is a J.crew addict just like me?
But Kira isn't solely about fashionable clothes, she also has an eye for creating beautiful spaces. Just like she shows us in her days to day fashion outfits, her spaces show a trained eye. You better add this blog to your reading list!  

You can follow Kira on Instagram over @Northern_Style


  1. Thanks so much for the shoutout and including me in your BT appearance Jenna! It was a blast and we will definitely need to catch a coffee together soon!

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