Antique Spotlight - Beswick Vase

Every family has certain traditions that bond them together and helps create everlasting memories. These traditions, whether they be annual vacations, family dinners, or reunions, provide a sense of identity for those who partake in them.

Traditions can transcend rituals and encompass almost anything, that's what so great about them! 

For my family, one our traditions is collecting Beswick vases, specifically the cream coloured ones. We all have them, they line our shelves, they are the centrepieces of our dinning tables, and each one we find, buy or receive as a gift builds a new memory. You know you are our family homes when you see a Beswick vase. Fill them with flowers from the garden and I am instantly reminded of home. 

A look at the Beswick vases in my home

What I love most about these vases are their rare simplicity. Only produced in England, the cream ware was solely made during the 1930s, making their place in history instantly recognizable. Their cream colour means they look elegant as decorations on a shelf, and also means they pop when used to host colourful flowers picked from the garden. 

The 1930s in England was a tough time. The Global Depression had made its way over, and England was in the midst of what they refer to as "The Great Slump." People were losing their jobs, and internationally the stage was being set for the Second World War. Not a thriving time. Still, in the midst of all this turmoil, this beautiful creamware was being crafted. It just goes to show, you can always find beauty in life's most troubling times. 

I am always excited when people buy a Beswick vase in store. Whether or not they are buying it to start their own traditions, or they just want something beautiful to put their flowers in, it always reminds me of my loved ones, and the traditions we surround ourselves with. 

On every trip to England I buy every Beswick I see, seriously every single one! Each trip they become harder and harder to find. That said I love that with every trip when I fill my store with beautiful Beswicks I am sharing a family tradition that is so dear to me. 


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