Did you document your pregnancy? I'm so glad I did.

When I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted to document my pregnancy. I made my poor hubby take a picture once a week, not the easiest task since there really is no "good" angle. There were A LOT of retakes and he was pretty damn patient!

Now looking at my little guy and looking at these pictures I can't believe he's who I was growing. Or as my husband likes to call it marinating! I also can't believe that 7 weeks ago I was that big.

I was totally indecisive about sharing these photos, I have been delaying posting this for almost two weeks. I mean let's be honest I'm not always looking my best on a Sunday afternoon at 36 weeks pregnant, but since I've shared so much of the last 9 months I thought I would swallow my pride and share this too. Here is a quick peek at my growing belly.

My dear friend Debbie Boccabella is a super talented photographer and she was kind enough to take some photos of me before I got too big. Let's be honest there really is a moment in your pregnancy when it's not possible to look cute in a photo.  I'm so glad I took these and years from now I can look back on what an amazing experience is was.

Since I had my son I have realized how unrealistic I was thinking that everything would just snap back into shape. It's taken a little while but I have realized that what I did was an amazing thing and eventually things will get back to normal but in the meantime I need to give myself a break.

One of my favourite bloggers We Seek Joy wrote a great post about this , it's an inspiring reminder that though our bodies change post baby what we have in return is so worth it! If you read this and don't cry I will be impressed!
Here is a little excerpt:

Believe it or not Cosmopolitan just posted the most inspiring article about accepting what we really look like. It features real women, looking beautiful after having their children. Read it here

For the moms out there reading this, give yourself a break we did an amazing thing!

*photos by
Debbie Boccabella



  1. Jenna, I'm speechless! Your photos are soooooo beautiful! And my eyes are anything but dry after reading that message...I'm a bit of a teary mess! It truly is a miraculous journey growing a baby. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You are so sweet! Seriously I agonized over whether to share them or not. I'm usually pretty private about these things. But I figured what the hell. Boy did I look rough in some of my weekly shots!

  2. Your photos are stunning! Thanks for sharing :) I made my hubby take my photo during pregnancy about every 2-3 weeks and you're right - it took A LOT of shots to get one decent looking one lol. (We ended up giving up on weekly shots, it seems like it should be easy, but it wasn't!).

    We did have professional maternity photos done too, and I'm so glad we did!

  3. Brie, I'm so glad someone understands. It was brutal the further along I got. I was never happy with a photo. I hope I do this for my second too.



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