So I had a baby boy…now what?

I come from a long line of strong women. There are two girls in my family and essentially no boys in our generation. So while I was pregnant all I could picture was life with a little girl. Surprise I had a little boy! A beautiful little boy that stole my heart the moment they put him in my arms.

Once I had wrapped my mind around having a son, I realized I had no idea what that meant.
What do boys wear?
What do they like to do?
How do I decorate his room?
Do boys love their mums and much as girls do?
Will I ever learn how to change him and not get peed on?

I know these seem like silly questions but they really have kept me up at night.

I went shopping for him recently and quickly decided on a colour scheme. I know that sounds crazy but the designer in me needed a colour scheme. My husband looked at me like I had two heads when I explained that the colours I like him in are:
Navy, Black, Grey, White, Yellow and with a splash of Red. Apparently there will come a time when he chooses his own clothes but until then I'm in charge!

I found a few amazing things that Harrison needs (Mum wants him) to have:

Ok now that's settled I started dreaming about how his big boy room will look. I know, I know I just finished his nursery but I can't help but think ahead

This will totally work with my nautical scheme

I think a metal bed would be perfect for a rambunctious boy

How cute are these stars? Zara always has the best things.

Who said a secretary desk wouldn't look adorable in a child's room?

How cute is this for a play area?

Since I'm new to this, I'm all ears if you have any advice to share. The past two months have been so rewarding, though I have no idea what raising a little boy will be like I do know that loving him is as easy as can be, the rest I will figure out.




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