Designing Women - Alana Firestone Interiors

If you have followed along for a while you will know that I love Canadian Design. Canadian designers are unique, spread across an enormous country we all feel so connected and it is always such a pleasure to stumble upon someones talent. Which is why I am so happy to feature a Canadian Designer named Alana Firestone. 

I came across Alana Firestone Interiors about a month ago, and was blown away by her innate sense of style. We share a love of neutrals and natural materials. She has an amazing sense of space and colour. I instantly felt at home in her spaces.

Let's meet Alana! 

On your website, you mention you graduated from Dalhousie University with a Computer Science degree. Interior Design doesn't seem like an obvious next step! Can you tell us about how you ended up in the design field?
I always had an interest in computers – so I pursued a degree in Computer Science. I quickly realized this may have been more a hobby than a career path. I needed a creative outlet and I am a great believer in having a job you love (after all it becomes your life!) I started decorating for friends and family members strictly as a passion and then it just snowballed into a full time job and I am so grateful for that!

Your first blog, "Always Looking", was a big part of your success. What blogs do you turn to for inspiration?
I love reading blogs and I have severe addiction to both Pinterest and Houzz apps. One of the highlights of my month is when my Style at Home magazine arrives – I spend hours reading every little detail. Some of the blogs I turn to on a regular basis are The Every Girl, Elle Décor, Habitually Chic and Apartment Therapy – never disappointed.  
How would you describe your design style?
My design style is ever changing – Right now I would say I love bold patterned rugs and pillows while keeping furniture more safe and neutral. I am kind of in an industrial yet comfortable phase with my designs right now. I love mixing different fabrics and metals and incorporating inexpensive pieces that won’t break the bank!
 What is your favourite part of being a Designer? What part is the most challenging? 
Well this in an obvious one – I love waking up every morning because my job is truly fun, every day is different and exciting. The most challenging part of being a decorator is deciding when something can fit in the budget or not – however there is also such a high in sourcing a “copy” or coming up with an amazing DIY or alternative.
 Out of the most recent emerging trends, which are you most excited about?
My favourite trend right now is hands down the Bar Cart – I think this is a must in every home. They are amazing for entertaining and can be completely customized (I also think this gets men really excited – which is rare when decorating ALWAYS SUGGEST A SCOTCH BAR!)

What are other hobbies besides decorating
I go through cooking streaks where I buy recipe books and become best friends with Epicurious, I also love throwing dinner parties!
tightWhat is your favourite way to spend a Sunday afternoon?
A perfect Sunday would be relaxing outside with my husband and my dog Chili – maybe a nice brunch too and a trip to Homesense!
 What advice would you give to someone hoping to break into the interior design world?
To call me if they have any questions ;)
I think it is so important to have someone in the design industry to go to if you need advice on anything from paint colours to furniture stores It is nice to have a mentor of some sort.
 Do you have a favorite room to decorate?
I get really exciting when I get the opportunity to decorate a bedroom from scratch! I love creating a relaxing oasis for my client, a place for themselves.

Thanks again for chatting with us Alana! To learn more what Alana is all about, check out her website, or on her Instagram @alanafirestoneinteriors.


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